Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Jews Attempt Fraud!!

 The yids sent us a fake email claiming that we had stolen someones 'artwork'. Since we don't give a toss about lawsuits, we send them all to collections and never pay, we forwarded the email to a tech buddy we know. The fake email had a link to a suspicious site. As we assumed. What was laughable was that we have only one pic on the whole site. We change the top banner from time to time with WRL images that either we own, or that reside in the public domain....

Better luck next time, kikes.


This is the 5th such email in 3 months, too. And I'm not even counting those silly emails claiming they have video footage of my jerking off. lol

Saturday, March 27, 2021

What We Believe In :

 What We Believe In

WE BELIEVE in the Eternal Laws of Nature as revealed through science, history, logic and common sense.

WE BELIEVE that the highest Law of Nature is the survival of our species by ALL MEANS AND AT ALL COSTS.

WE BELIEVE that our Race is our Religion.

WE BELIEVE that Racial Loyalty is the greatest of all honors, and racial treason is the worst of all crimes.

WE BELIEVE that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

WE BELIEVE that the White Race is the finest and noblest creation of Nature.

WE BELIEVE that CREATIVITY is the essence of the White Racial Soul.

WE BELIEVE that the White Race is and always has been the originator and Creator of all worthwhile Culture and Civilization.

WE BELIEVE that without the White Race any worthwhile Culture and Civilization are impossible.

WE BELIEVE that for the White Race to survive, expand, and advance we need first of all a REVOLUTION OF VALUES THROUGH RELIGION; therefore we completely and categorically reject the Judeo – Christian – Democratic – Marxist – Liberal – Feminist values of today, and supplant them with new and basic values, of which RACE IS THE FOUNDATION.

WE BELIEVE that Jew-spawned Christianity is the deadly mind poison which destroyed the glorious White Roman Civilization and is currently destroying all of the White Race; therefore Christianity must be exposed, defeated and eliminated in order to save the White Race.

WE BELIEVE that the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion-CREATIVITY-is in every conceivable way far more logical, consistent, comprehensive, meaningful and inspiring than all other religions, ideologies and political parties combined; therefore we strive that it eventually replace all other religions, ideologies and parties, barring none.

WE BELIEVE in the unity of our White Racial Religion with our White Racial State.

WE BELIEVE in the total unification of the White Race on the basis of one Racial Religion (CREATIVITY) and one Racial Language(Latin) in a worldwide White Racial Community.

WE BELIEVE that the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion-Creativity-has the potential of not only leading the White People to a worldwide victory, but also guiding them onward for the next million years towards a New White Renaissance, a Whiter and Brighter World, and a Glorious Era of the White Superman.

WE BELIEVE that the White Race, its Biological and Cultural Heritage, is now under attack by our mortal racial enemies: Jews, niggers and the mud races.

WE BELIEVE that, due to the Jew-instigated demographic explosion of the mud races, we must(as a matter of life or death!) not only start, but also win the worldwide White Racial Holy War within this generation.

WE BELIEVE that RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr), under the victorious flag of the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion (Creativity), is the only road to the resurrection and redemption of the White Race.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Answering the Hate Mail:

 Answering the Hate Mail:

I thought about ignoring some of the hate mail I've received since my full release. However, several folks think it would be a good idea to show my detractors how wrong they are. So I'll answer some of the obvious slanders since December 2018....

1) That I hate my race and care about muds. This is so obviously retarded a statement that I can't believe anyone said it. But Dibbs of the CA said it yesterday. I've only been a White Racial Activist since 1993. One needs to understand that the CA is around 15 losers who's sole activism lies in online posting. They are anti-Creativity as far as I am concerned. Why do I say this? Simple. They believe in nordacism!! To attack WRLs in Latin Amerika, as well as Slavs in Eastern Europe, proves that these scumbags don't know a thing about Klassen's teachings.

2) That I am trying to sabotage the Cause. This comes from several nitwits. I only did 11 years in PRISON for my beliefs!! Anyone who's met me knows that I place the Cause above even my own marriages.

3) That I never went to prison. This comes from those CA faggots again. Not sure what movie you were quoting, old man, but in the feds they ship your arse whereever they bloody well feel like shipping you!!

4) Your style of activism leads people to jail. That came from the leader of the NSM today. What an ACTUAL WRL would say is that the evilness of the jews led me to be persecuted!! When the only option left to a people is violence it isn't my fault if I or anyone else goes to prison. Besides, buddy, no one goes to prison soley for speech. Not yet. There always has to be some bullshit charge. So me preaching Lone Wolf tactics, which was the FUCKING STANDERED FROM 1970-2010, is not a negative.

5) That I've never fought anyone. Listen, you old fat man, I dress in the boots+braces EVERY DAY!! I put up fliers in Jewhill in broad daylight. I do not hide who I am, nor where in Pittsburgh I hang out. I go to the library, I give speeches in Oakland and Dormont, and I make a public spectical of myself to annoy the yids. I've fought ARAers on the Southside, niggers in the Eastend, prison fights, street fights, and even had my nose busted fighting a pig.... So unless you are going to meet me, shut up! And stop dressing like a hillbilly from WV.

6) Concerning my networking with non-Whites. When I got started in the Movement it was standered practice to network with ANYONE who supported racial separation. In fact, any of the Old Guard will agree with me on this. Networking with a Mestizo or a Japanese Nazi who believes in separation and in killing jews is NOT a negative!!

7) You are too violent. Bloody right I am!! Thank you for that one. I actually agree. We are in the end stages, folks. The time to strike is now.

Rev. Dr. Lloyd

Email Between Myself And The NSM:

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: These are 3 emails between myself and the Commander of the NSM. I am posting so a flow of ideas can be shared by all....


Explain how using racialism in any form will win? North Amerika is lost. The whole planet is lost. I have promoted since the 1990s that chaos was the only way to win. We need to hit a global reset button. We must actively work for the total collapse of this world so we can rebuild. Just like we did in 10,450 bce.

A religion can create a mindset that cannot be fought against. Islam shows us this. We need Whites to be 1000 times more extreme than the arabs!! This can only be achieved via a fanatical belief, which mostly comes from a religious world view. If i am wrong PLEASE tell me as to which points??? The end goal for me is to save a few million Europeans so we can restart.

As to political parties....? You cannot win with 1% of 1% of a 50-60% population pool. The JOG is what, 58-60% White? Even if you take White Latinos into this we got a population roughly 60% solid White. Just like Brazil. And just like Canuckastan and England, 99% brainwashed loosers!!

If you have any ideas please share them? I work for the race and not any one idea.

Rev. Dr. Lloyd


On Thu., 25 Mar. 2021 at 8:18, CommanderColucci

<CommanderColucci@nsm88.org> wrote:

Your focus is religion, our focus is saving the White race. If you try to save the White race using religion, you will fail miserably. It saddens me to say that, but it's the reality of the situation.


Commander Burt Colucci

Democracy is talking itself to death. The people do not know what they want; they do not know what is the best for them. There is too much foolishness, too much lost motion. I have stopped the talk and the nonsense. I am a man of action. Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.-Benito Mussolini

National Socialist Movement   

The information in this email is confidential and may be legally privileged. Furthermore, the NSM is not responsible for the content of this e-mail, and anything written in this e-mail does not necessarily reflect the NSM's views or opinions. Access to this email by anyone other than the intended addressee is  unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient of this message, any review, disclosure, copying, distribution, retention, or any action taken or  omitted to be taken in reliance on it is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this mail in error, please destroy the copy in your possession and mailto:CommanderColucci@nsm88.org

Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021 5:18 PM, doctorlloyd . <doctorlloyd@hardylloyd.net> wrote:

 My focus shall shift to Creativity for the most part after 1st April. I am saddened by the lackluster activism of the two main GROUPS. And I am mad at their lack of religiousness. But what truly angers me is that the Movement as a whole seems to have ignored the man who created Creativity; Ben Klassen. If you are looking for a straight-up, facts loaded book or books on history, philosophy and science then NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and THE WHITE MANS BIBLE are the only 2 books one needs to own The fact that the Movement seems to ignore the scholarly works of this great philosophy truly astounds me!!

It is clear that Creativity needs a man who can bring about a new renaissance. I shall attempt to be this man. Hope some of you join with me in this fight.


Rev. Dr. Hardy Lloyd



Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A Note On This Blog:

 I will keep all rants and hate mail to the HardyLloyd.net blog.... This blog is for Creativity only!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021



The most exciting, the most dynamic, the most wonderful and beautiful years for the White Race lie ahead of us.

In the next few pages I am going to prognosticate what I see ahead for the future of the White Race after it has accomplished its goals of populating the world. I am envisioning a world in which the niggers, the Jews and the colored races are no longer in our midst to debilitate us, plunder us, to harass us, or to plague us. I am looking forward to the time when the White Race will be able to exercise its wonderful productive and creative genius without having upon its back all the leaches that now suck the very lifeblood from out of our veins. When I contemplate the coming of this wonderful era, our future looks rosy beyond anything that has ever been imagined before. In fact, a heaven on earth would not be too expansive a description of the exciting future that awaits us.

When the White Race has expanded to where it will populate all the worthwhile land of this Planet Earth, we will see an up-breeding of the White Race instead of the down-breeding that has been going on for the last 2000 years, and we will see a Super Race emerge that will be a pride and a joy to behold. I believe that within the next century after the White Man has accomplished his primary goal of populating the world, we will find the average White man or woman as being handsome, athletic in build and unusually healthy in mind and body. The average man will be handsome and manly looking, in fact more so than the average movie star of today. The average White woman will be tall, possessed of a beautiful feminine figure and exceedingly beautiful in appearance. I predict that the average man will be somewhere between 6 ft. to 6 ft. 6 inches in height and women will be correspondingly taller in proportion to what they are today.

I furthermore predict that the average intelligence will rise considerably as the White Race embarks on its program for improving and advancing itself. Whereas today a man with an I.Q. of 150 is considered to be a rare genius and occurs roughly once in 5000, I foresee that in a hundred years from the time the White Man has gained control of his own destiny, a genius of this caliber will be considered quite commonplace. Furthermore, we can expect to have Super-geniuses with I.Q.’s of 200 and more, leading our Race into fields of technology and science and culture to heights that can hardly be dreamed of today. Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Technology will break through to dizzying new heights that we can hardly visualize today.

Finer music will be written than has ever been written in the past. Art and sculpture, architecture, freed from Jewish influence, will reach far superior standards of beauty than have ever been achieved before, even far out-distancing that achieved by the Greeks and the Romans in Classical civilization or during the time of the Renaissance. We will have many geniuses of the type exemplified by Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, or Rembrandt, and we will, in fact, have Super-geniuses that will far surpass anything that the best of the White Man in the past has ever achieved.

Not only will the future White Man be a superior species in health, but with no more of the niggers and the colored races in our midst to spread disease, filth and pollution amongst us, the former incidence of disease will be greatly reduced by several factors: a healthier specimen of individual; superior nutritional technology; the absence of slums, filth and degeneracy.

With the passing of the niggers, the Jews, and the scum from our midst, I further foresee the White Race, in a very short space of time, will have completely eradicated poverty from throughout the land. Not only will there be no masses of colored freeloaders riding on our back to pull down our standard of living, but we will also have gotten rid of the Jew who has been robbing us of more than three quarters of our wealth through sheer chicanery, coercion, and plunder.

Furthermore, the White Man’s organization will be so much superior, so much more productive and so much more creative, and the White Man, then having very few ignorant and indolent drones amongst his own kind, poverty as a problem will have been completely eradicated in our society. In fact, when we have populated the world and have at our disposal the wealth and resources of the whole wide world with which to create, build and produce for ourselves, we will literally be swimming in wealth. It is not only possible, but entirely probable, that every White family will be able to afford a beautiful large home in attractive, clean surroundings. It will be possible to have all the fine clothes, books, good food and whatever else they desire, entirely within their reach and at their disposal.

Why do I predict such a bountiful future? Because this goal is not only entirely possible, but inescapable when the White Man is free to exercise his tremendous creative and productive abilities for his own use. With even more advanced, capable generations coming up, providing for himself and his family will be a breeze for the White Man of the future. Instead of most of the White Man’s energy and productivity now being siphoned off to the parasites that ride on his back; his energy being dissipated in destructive wars and in-fighting amongst the White people themselves; all of the creative productivity will in the future go towards his own benefit.

We will, for instance, have no more warfare between the different peoples. The White Race, when it has made the Creativity religion its very own and eliminated the destructive Jewish influence from its midst, will also have eliminated Jewish instigated warfare. Being united in the one common purpose of advancing itself, it will no longer have the slightest reason to carry out suicidal warfare against itself, and there will no longer be any threat from the colored races against whom to wage any kind of warfare. In short, the tremendously destructive and debilitating consequences of warfare that the Jews have manipulated the White Race into, generation after generation, century after century, will be entirely eradicated. It will no longer be one of the many evils that now so tragically plague us.

When you think of the tremendous cost to the White Race in terms of wealth, material, energy and in blood that the Jewish instigated wars have cost us in the past and when we consider that all this effort can instead be directed for our own constructive benefit, the very idea itself is staggering. Nevertheless, this is what we can do, when the White Man embraces the religion that we are now founding, a religion that teaches him to unite and create and produce for his own benefit, and teaches him to demand and exercise control of his own destiny.

Not only will we be rid forever of the destructive and debilitating wars that the Jews have manipulated upon us, we will no longer have to support a huge, expensive and nonproductive war machine as we are today. Furthermore, our astronomical welfare costs, which are now being wasted on the parasitic nigger of today, will also be entirely eliminated. These two factors alone, coupled with the absence of Jewish plunder, I feel confident, will lower our taxes to a fraction of what they are today. I predict that taxes will be reduced to where they will be less than ten percent, perhaps five percent, of what they are at present. Considering further that crime will be reduced to where it will be less than one percent of what it is today, it is not hard to imagine where the present huge costs of government (with warfare and welfare eliminated), will be a small fraction of the burden that it is today. The White Man will then be in a position where his creativity and productivity can benefit those who have worked for it — namely the White Man himself.

The whole effect of this will be accumulative. With crime reduced to one percent (or less) of what it is today, the nonproductive cost of maintaining a huge police force will shrink accordingly. The streets will again be safe for men, women and children, day or night. Most of the bureaucratic controls that businessmen and the average citizen in general is plagued with, will be eliminated. No longer will we need armies of bookkeepers and paper-shufflers in and out of government to debilitate and harass our every move. The White Man can again, in fact, will be encouraged, to do that which he does best — create and produce.

With the imbeciles, idiots and morons being culled out by the simple process of not being allowed to breed and multiply their misery, mental problems, too, will be shrunk to a rarity, rather than the mushrooming phenomena it is becoming today. Our whole approach will be to prevent the reproduction and multiplication of mental and physical defectives. These must and will be culled out as Nature dictates. Rather than keep every deformed and defective alive at all costs, to breed again and to multiply, our approach will be to bring only healthy and intelligent children into the world, as far as possible. This is what Nature tells us to do.

I can foresee so many tremendous and beautiful advantages accruing to the White Race once he is on his way to advancing himself that the list is almost endless and it is staggering to the imagination.

We have already mentioned that we would see the end of warfare and internecine strife. Crime and poverty would be practically eliminated. With the niggers no longer in our midst, there would be no slums. In fact, if you have visited some of the beautiful and clean cities in Germany, in Switzerland, you have a small insight as to the beautiful cities and the beautiful rural landscape that we can expect when the White Man has again found himself. Cities will be clean, with beautiful parks interspersed at frequent intervals. Streets will be lined with trees and flowers in abundance, with everything neat and clean, as we have already experienced in many of the all-White countries of Europe today, such as Holland, Switzerland and Germany. Only with the future White Race, having rid itself of the Jew, this trend towards beauty and cleanliness will be accentuated and will far exceed anything that we have today.

Furthermore, we will no longer be plagued and drained of our resources by having to send “Foreign Aid” out of our midst because we will no longer be shipping a tremendous amount of our hard earned money to countries like India, where it has been going down a rat hole. In fact, the White Nations of the world, being amply supplied with the land of all the different continents, and with the inherent wealth of these natural resources, will be doing fabulously well on their own. There will be very little need for any trans-shipment of aid. Prosperous trade will instead be the order of the day.

Not only will we have a clean and prosperous environment, but there will no longer be any racial strife. We will all be of the same race and speak the same language. We will all have learned through our new religion to honor, respect and promote that race and promote each other. We will have learned the lesson of Racial Loyalty, Racial Solidarity.

Furthermore, with the advanced technology, with the finer, more capable and more intelligent type of people to take advantage of that advanced technology; with the resources of the world at our disposal, we will be literally swimming in wealth without having to probably work nearly as hard as we do today. I can foresee that whereas the White Race is productive and creative; whereas the White Man is a builder and a worker; nevertheless, he can, with less work than he is exerting now, accomplish all this and still have ample time for leisure and enjoyment. I therefore foresee a great expansion of our recreational endeavors. I can see where the White people will be spending more time doing those things that interest them most. They will be spending more time at sports and athletics. They will be spending more time on cultural projects, music, sculpture and many other creative activities that have not even been invented today.

With the White Man’s productivity so greatly increased and being rid of all the freeloading parasites, every White Man will be in a position where he can easily found and support a family. He will be able to do this at a younger age, as Nature says he should. With the parasitic Jews and niggers no longer riding on his back, not only will the standard of living be much higher, but the wife of the couple will no longer need to go to work to help make ends meet financially. She will be free to do that which Nature has fitted her for — to be a wife and mother, to take care of her family and to build a happy home. She will have time to devote to arts and crafts, to music and to cultural pursuits. The whole family, in fact will have more time and means to devote to such higher pursuits as well as other recreational enjoyments.

I foresee the White Race celebrating many national holidays and activities that will honor their great leaders of the past. They will exalt and pay tribute to those geniuses who have brought the White Race to the high state of achievement, prosperity and well-being that they will then enjoy. I foresee many rallies and parades and cultural activities that will honor and elevate the White Race as a religious celebration. The Nuremberg rallies of the 1930’s under the leadership of that great White Man, Adolf Hitler, are a typical example of the kind of celebrations the White Race will enjoy in the future centuries.

These kind of festive rallies are a soul-rewarding activity of tremendous benefit to our people. It is the kind of cement that helps to unite and bind the people together toward common objectives that aim for higher and greater goals, and at the same time the participants reaping a psychological reward that is a needed stimulant for the individual.

With all this, I predict, will also come a technological explosion the magnitude of which is hard to imagine. Although this huge technological advancement will come naturally because of the superior creative genius of the White Race, this is not nearly as important to our welfare as will be the cleansing of our race, and the White Race being in control of its own destiny.

Nevertheless, with the White Man being in control of his own destiny and having the innate and inborn desires to improve and advance his own kind, combined with the technological advances that he is so capable of, this will truly create a heaven on earth the likes of which the world has never before seen. Unlike Christianity, which predicts fire and blood, plagues and suffering, hell-fire and destruction, I am buoyantly optimistic of the White Man’s future and predict great and wonderful things to come. I predict them because they are inevitable for the White Race. Being so highly endowed with creativity, intelligence, productivity and the genius that is so characteristic of the White Race, all we really need is to rid ourselves of the parasites that have crippled us in the past, and take charge of our own destiny.

When that day comes, our future will not only be bright and beautiful, it will be dynamic and exciting beyond anything that mankind in the past has ever even imagined.

My Focus: Creativity!!

  My focus shall shift to Creativity for the most part after 1st April. I am saddened by the lackluster activism of the two main GROUPS. And I am mad at their lack of religiousness. But what truly angers me is that the Movement as a whole seems to have ignored the man who created Creativity; Ben Klassen. If you are looking for a straight-up, facts loaded book or books on history, philosophy and science then NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and THE WHITE MANS BIBLE are the only 2 books one needs to own The fact that the Movement seems to ignore the scholarly works of this great philosophy truly astounds me!!

It is clear that Creativity needs a man who can bring about a new renaissance. I shall attempt to be this man. Hope some of you join with me in this fight.


Rev. Dr. Hardy Lloyd



Monday, March 22, 2021

Future plans.....

  I plan on focusing more on my Church duties after the start of April. Which is our New Years. I was chosen by a committee of Creator's to run the Church. It is my duty AND my responsibility to be the PM. More writings to follow as well. Thank you.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Happy Spring!!

  Happy Spring!!

Just wanted to wish all a happy Spring today. If you live in Western PA the WPF and the Church of Ben Klassen are holding a White Pride picnic today. We are going to put up fliers in Frick + Shenley Park and then go back to our place for a supper and game night. Funds raised will go to the Spring Flier Drive.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

White Race – Founders of Chinese, Mexican and Aztec Civilizations

 White Race – Founders of Chinese, Mexican and Aztec Civilizations

By Ben Klassen

During the last century popular thought in Great Britain, cleverly nurtured by the unseen Jewish hand, reached a high pitch of insanity in regards to the racial facts of life. The abolitionists, philanthropists and the negrophiles conceived the colored races to be child races in the process of development. The colored problem was considered to be a problem solely of color and not one of mentality. The abolitionists taught that the nigger was, for all effects, like a White child. He therefore then should be treated as such, they said, for before long he would reach maturity. The color problem would then vanish as a result of religious instruction, and training in the sciences and arts.

Since this same misguided thinking is still prevalent today and some of these perverted race-mixers point with pride to some of the other civilizations that have seemingly emerged from some of the colored races, we want to treat briefly here the vanished civilizations of China, Mexico and Peru. Whereas we do not have the space here to go into the full history of these erstwhile civilizations, we just need to touch briefly here to show that the history of higher cultures reveal that all those which are popularly called civilizations can be traced in origin to the White Race.

Early Chinese records refer to blonde tribes and there yet remain tall, fair skinned, blue-eyed individuals in Manchuria and Korea, which represent the racial outcroppings of the early White Caucasian. The presence of the early White Man in central and east central Asia is now well recognized by ethnologists. Early Chinese civilization so nearly resembled that of Babylon as to cause some scientists to even believe that the Chinese moved en masse from the regions adjacent to Babylon. This, of course, they did not do. But evidence is overwhelming that the Babylonians moved into China in a history similar to the White invasion of India but antedating it by a considerable period of time.

Some of these movements were probably of a prehistoric date. In any case, in a history similar to that of India we find the White Man conquering and taking over as the ruling class of China.

Again we find that the White conquerors interbred with the inferior yellow Chinese, producing a hybrid race. The rulers of China, however, constituted the upper class and it is from this class that Chinese higher culture issued. We find that the White element in China did for that people what it has done for other colored races and that is: impart unto them a culture which in its first stages was progressive and in its later stages was dwarfed as the White blood became submerged. This will account for the fact that Chinese civilization was more creative in its earlier stages. In fact, the Chinese were a more progressive people 20 centuries ago than when the modern Europeans first reached East Asia.

The important issue here is that it was the White element that imparted unto China its early civilization and the higher culture was imparted in the early period, as at present, through the influence of the White Race. Secondly, it is important to note that the blood of the White Man has not in China, as it has not in other instances, raised the mongrel to the level of progressive culture. The Chinese seem in some respects to be almost as incapable of progress as the niggers themselves, the only essential difference being that the arrest of mental development comes later in life for the yellow than for the black. Furthermore, it may be pointed out that Chinese culture has been stagnant since the early historic period, despite impulses from within and without to shake off the chronic state of lethargy in which the nation seems to vegetate.

And so we find another perished civilization, a civilization that was first created by the civilized White Akkads of Babylonia. These people, when they reached China, were already a somewhat cultured people, with a knowledge of letters, astronomy, and various industrial arts. In their new environment they continued the development up to a certain point, after which, when engulfed in mongrelization, they have mostly remained at a standstill and are to this day in a hopeless quagmire of stagnation. To this day this inert mass of semi-civilized savagery offers a dead resistance to all outward pressure. Their astronomy has scarcely advanced beyond the astrological state, while their medical art continues to be a hopeless mixture of superstitious practices, absurd nostrums, and a few grains of common sense.

* * *

Let us herewith leave the Chinese and now turn to the civilizations of Mexico and Peru, which the Europeans found in a slow state of decay when they explored these countries four centuries ago.

There are even today some ethnologists, mostly American, chiefly promoted by Jewish propaganda, who confidently assert that the cultures of Mexico and Peru were of independent origin. Let us, however, at this point again restate a basic truth: behind every culture there is race. The cultures of Mexico and Peru were Caucasian like.

Stone Age migrations of the White Man had carried him across northern Asia to Japan and across southern Asia to Polynesia.  All will admit that the American Indian is derived in whole, or in part, from Asia. There is an unquestioned Mongolian strain in the Indian. The question is, is the Indian only Mongolian or is he partly White?

Whereas the early movements of peoples is lost in antiquity, there is great probability that the more aggressive Whites of China could as easily have managed to cover the route to America as did the less capable Mongolians. The way before the White Race was easy and enticing. The path that lured him onward was peopled by inferiors that the White Race’s long history had taught him he could subdue and enslave, and so the White Man followed the colored to America in prehistoric times as he did to central Africa and southern Asia, and everywhere eventually interbred with those with whom he had conquered.

The evidence is therefore weighted toward the supposition that cultures in the New World were indeed created by the leadership of the White Man who had followed the Mongoloid Indians.

These civilizations stagnated and decayed as his numbers became fewer and his blood was finally submerged amongst his inferiors.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Why I Continue To Live Creativity Above All Others….

  Why I Continue To Live Creativity Above All Others….

By Rev. Dr. Lloyd, PM

16 March, 2021

Why do I continue to believe in Creativity over all other WRL creeds? Simple, Klassen finished what Hitler started. Philosophically speaking. The more esoteric aspects of Aryanism, which I do believe in, were added to by the likes of Julius Evola. And that is probably the biggest difference between my own church and the TCM and CA. I give Creativity sermons infused with the esoteric. And I give ZERO apologies for this!!

Klassen never said we reject the esoteric. He simply said that spook craft, especially christ-insanity, was the belief of fools. But spiritual philosophies of the Aryan race are no spook craft. And science has proven that European Man has a soul. These are not the delusions of a monotheist screwball, but the logical facts of a White Racialist mind. And I shall continue to believe in them till the day I die!!

For European Man has a divine spark within him. Coupled with our ruins on Mars, and our 40,000 year old monuments in Egypt, how can any logical mind reject the spiritual side of our race? Not saying the Olympian Gods are real. Evolution could easily account for our divine standing in the animal kingdom. But one look upon the Aryan pyramids on Mars and one has to double think this equation….

But I digress….

Hitler's ultimate aim was to unite first Europa then the world in a Would Union of Fascists. Klassen finishes this with a truly universal creed for ALL EUROPEAN PEOPLES the planet over. And he also did what no one else has ever done. He destroyed the vile myth of nationalism and ethnoism!! With Creativity we have a species-wide ideology that transcends the racial civil war of the last 5000 years. With Creativity we can resurrect the global Aryan Empire we had 40,000 years ago. With Creativity we will be a species united!!

I have always been pro working class. So was Klassen. I have always been anti christ-insanity. So was Klassen. I have always shunned the right/left box as I call it, embracing Third Position. So did Klassen. And I always saw the European race as one race, and not a collection of different nationalities. So did Klassen. For Klassen and I always saw ancient Rome as how the White Man should live. We both saw these things in our hearts. Never being educated to see them, but instead coming to them by instinct. Yes, Klassen and I are of the same mind.

With Creativity we get a belief system that destroys all which harms our People. With Creativity we get that unifying, universal creed that throws out idiotic notions of CONservativism. We burn to the ground the tyranny of liberalism. And we even transcend Third Position for a Four Position. The esoteric made logical. With Creativity do we get all of these wonderful things. For Creativity is the end goal of a species. Creativity is the blueprint of Mother Nature.

And THAT is why I always shall return to tg3e wisdom of Ben Klassen. For Ben Klassen was the Holy Prophet we've waited for for 5000 years. And now we have but to embrace and conquere.


Proudly The Black Sheep Of The Movement!

  Proudly The Black Sheep Of The Movement!

Dr. Lloyd's Mission Statement Part 3

By Dr. Hardy Lloyd

16 March, 2021

I guess now that Tom's dead I am part of the Old Guard. Never thought I would be. I and Louis Beam are the last two Lone Wolves of the Cause now. Holy sheep shit! Cannot believe how long I've been a part of this thing of ours. My first TRUE act was in grade 9. Boy, am I that old now?

Tom and I had our disagreements, to be sure. But back in the 90s there were a few more Lone Wolves. Alex Curtis was one. He's dropped off the map after getting out of prison. I knew him. Knew a few of Pierce's close supporters, too. There are some stories I could tell you!! And of course there are some others…. One by one we few are left to hold the banner high.

The Old Guard now consists of David Irving, David Duke, Don Black, Louis Beam, Metzger Jr. and I, now. One by one we fade into the dust….

Of course, out of EVERYONE in the Movement I alone hold the title of black sheep. And I'm fine with being an outcast of outcast's… It means I am doing something right. Can any of you reading this name another who is slandered by both the kikes and our own? lol - I am hated like no other. And that's fine with me. As I said before, it means I am doing something right.

But why am I such an outcast? What makes me hated by all? Surely it isn't a lack of activism? I put up more fliers than ANYONE ELSE!! And I am the only Komrade who consistently gets media attention, too. I have inspired the AtomWaffen Division, several Lone Wolves, several acts, and recruited many many to our fight…. So then, why am I THE black sheep?

I think it's because the average leader and member of our Movement doesn't have the balls to live a Jihadist lifestyle. And by that I mean 90% of Volk are not up to suffering for the Cause the way we NEED to suffer. I see suffering as a testament to my dedication, while most others see it as something to be avoided. But that is blasphemous thinking! For only by suffering shall we win our place in Elysium. Only through pain will our Ancestors accept our souls.

Mental anguish, physical pain, these are the blessing's that lead to salvation. To suffer is a gift of faith in our Cause! To inflict suffering upon enemies is a gift of love to our Cause! We are meant to fight, kill and die…. Our only redemption is blood. Our salvation is pain. Our only meaning is chaos. Kill and die!!

And THAT is why I am THE black sheep of the Movement. That is why I am slandered and hated by pretty much EVERYONE on planet Earth; I am a raving lunatic!! lol - And I love being a psychopath. I have fun with it. I enjoy my life. I live for the pain, I long for the revenge, and I am 1000% dedicated to achieving victory, too. Come pain or death I remain completely dedicated to the Jihad of Racial Holy War. Period!!

Hell, I've been kidnapped 9 or 10 times now! And I always come back for more. I've lived on the street once or twice and in a shelter! And I continue to be active. I've lost my mum, friends, EVERYTHING! And yet I continue with the struggle. Why??? Because I BELIEVE IN IT!! I am a true believer. I know I am right. And what's more, I know we shall win. With fanatics like myself who believe in blood sacrifices, Lone Wolf codes, and Martyrdom how could we NOT win? Victory is inevitable.

And so I continue to preach and fight and suffer. For I am unbent, unbowed, unbroken…. For I believe in the my PHILOSOPHY OF THE WOLF:

Kill by any means necessary!

Win by any means necessary!

Live by any means necessary!

Die by any means necessary!

And besides, that look of terror on an enemies face before you plunge the blade in? Fucking priceless!!


Friday, March 12, 2021

A Special Message To All My Readers:

  A Special Message To All My Readers:

I will start publishing my poems again, as well as writing more essays. I have been copying a plethora of articles from various sources to give my readers and fans something different and special. Hope you've all enjoyed....

Besides essays and poems, I shall be writing short stories as well. And the essays will cover ancient Aryan history, European spiritual philosophy, Creativity, Fascism, Skinhead history, Lone Wolf tips and tricks, as well as various other items....

News from various sources on certain topics to continue on the HARDYLLOYD.NET website. And Creativity related topics on CHURCHOFBENKLASSEN.ORG website.

And as always you can expect my slightly psychotic humour. lol

Stay well, Komrades.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Interested in Attending?

 Are you interested in attending a church service?

Want to help us pass out fliers?

Are you interested in learning about Ben Klassen?

Want to fight for Nature's highest creation?

Contact the Church of Ben Klassen today!

We have a hotline number!

Monthly meetings....

Flier drives that get results!

And yearly picnics....


Don't just think morally, ACT MORALLY, TOO!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lessons from the Laboratory of India

 Lessons from the Laboratory of India

By Ben Klassen

Whereas the Egyptian civilization started off with a relatively pure White Race that was slowly mongrelized over a period of 3000 years by the White Egyptians themselves voluntarily dragging in the black barbarians, India, on the other hand, has a different history. Emerging from the hill country of Afghanistan and the slopes of the Hindu Kush, the White Warriors by conquest took possession of that extremely desirable portion of India known as the Punjab. A look at the map will show that the Punjab is a well watered northern province and that it comprises but a small portion of the present Indian Empire. This took place approximately 4000 years ago and the height of the White Man’s civilization held sway approximately between the years 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C.

From their base in the Punjab these blond, tall, heroic White warriors expanded their conquests and imposed themselves by force and influence of superior culture upon the mixed-breeds who infested the country in countless numbers then as they do now. The natives they conquered were mixed-breeds of ancient negroid stock and black, yellow and other Asiatic mixtures. The conquerors made no attempt to expel or exterminate their inferiors, but on the contrary, brought to them culture and civilization which they then imposed upon their subjects. They set themselves up strictly as aristocrats and rulers and utilized the slave labor of the subjugated people they ruled.

It is noteworthy that throughout the history of his conquests, the White Man has not expelled a subjugated people whom he could profitably enslave. The modern White conquerors of North America did expel the red man, but they imported the black. The former would not work, the latter could be made to work.

The ancient literature of the White Man in India is embodied in the Rig-Veda and the Epics. The Veda times cover approximately 600 years between 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C., the high noon of White Culture in India. From these writings we get a fairly good picture of White Society of the times and they reveal a vigorous White conquering people, well organized, respecting their women, already in possession of ancient laws, glorying in agriculture, passionately religious, imposing their faith and culture upon the surrounding colored populations to whom they refer in terms of contempt. They refer to themselves as a people of fair complexion and term those whom they have subdued as “colored,” and ridicule them, calling them monkeys. Similarly, the White Man 4000 years later has gone into Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, and has boasted of his White complexion and vigorous mentality, and has accredited the dark races of these lands with close relationship to chimpanzees and gorillas.

As we look backward over a span of 40 centuries and take a closer look at these White invaders of northern India we find from their records that they were of fair complexion, with straight well bridged noses. This latter feature, as well as the complexion, marks them as a separate people. They so impressed their social ideas in the conquered territory that even to the present day, a man’s social position varies in inverse ratio to the width of his nose: that is to say the nasal index, as it is called, is a safe guide to the amount of White blood, as distinguished from aboriginal blood, in his veins.

Being constantly outnumbered by his black and mongrel inferiors, the White conquerors realized in short order their problems of maintaining their racial purity. It is highly interesting to observe and study the ingenious methods and means they used to try to preserve their racial bloodlines. The White conquerors by reason of race and culture, came as aristocrats. They looked upon the mongrel and black multitudes as inferiors and treated them as such. Nevertheless, how to preserve their own race, and at the same time utilize inferior peoples to do their labor, was the problem confronting the Whites. Their answer to the problem was, “Caste, enforced by law and religion.”

The priests were the scientists and philosophers, and they devised a system of social control designed to meet the requirements of the native problem. This extraordinary scheme has been classed among the greatest expressions of human ingenuity. Caste, as originally instituted, divided the population into four divisions — (a) warriors, (b) priests, (c) agriculturists and merchants, and (d) laborers. The first group was composed of those of the purest White blood, while the last was made up mainly of the subjugated mix-breeds with whom the White Man was in immediate contact. There were also large groups of the subjugated population whom the Whites did not honor with cast at all. These were referred to collectively as outcasts and considered as barely human.

The superior White Race, realizing the problem, and intent upon retaining their racial purity, were yet unable to restrain men of their race from unions with colored women. In most instances, unable to discover the guilty White, they turned with a terrible wrath upon the helpless mix-breed. The half-castes were not permitted to reside within the limits of the city. They were reviled by all, both black and White, and finally the Aryan laws provided that under certain conditions the soldiers may slay them without mercy.

Nevertheless, the caste system, with all the severe laws, with all the religious taboos barring the mixing of the races, what with legal statutes preventing inter-racial marriages, was incapable of preventing illegitimate unions. It failed in the end to prevent the amalgamation of the races primarily because of the fact that all these means could not be permanently enforced. In spite of legal and religious restrictions, the mix-breeds increased. Whereas caste prolonged race purity, it did not preserve it. The modern “Aryan” in India is just such a mixture as the ancient Aryan was authorized to kill. We should heed well the lessons of this tragic experiment.

The White people of the United States, unlike their early kinsmen in India, are not nearly as well fortified against this situation as were the ancient White Men of India, who supplemented legal prohibition of marriage with non-Whites by his religious teaching and by caste, which was perfect in ideal and enforceable by law. Whereas, in the United States, most of the States had laws prohibiting inter-racial marriages, these have now been completely destroyed by the Jewish controlled Supreme Court. Whereas the ancient Indian religion prohibited and opposed inter-breeding with the colored races, we have a so-called Christian religion, which is interpreted in such manner as to minimize or abolish the color line. Add to this the fanatical propaganda barrage, the heavy hand of government pushing integration, and we find ourselves in a headlong rush to bring about that tragic catastrophe as soon as possible, instead of later, as history would lead us to expect.

We find in India, as in Egypt, amalgamation and mongrelization destroyed the White Race, and with it the beautiful culture and civilization that it had wrought. Whereas the Egyptian civilization survived some 3000 years, the Hindu civilization survived barely more than 600 years, despite the ingenious and valiant efforts of the White conquerors to prevent that mongrelization. Nevertheless, the odds were against them, and being out-numbered amongst the colored races, mongrelization came about much faster than among the Egyptians, who started out with a relatively pure White Race.

We have many valuable lessons to learn from the history of White civilization in India. The story of civilization is in the main the story of the White Race and its culture. History tells us that White conquerors coming in and dominating a colored race will not, over a period of time, be saved from being conquered by their colored subjects. This is well illustrated in India. Nor do we find that as in Egypt, where the blacks and Nubians were brought in as slaves, was it possible to save the masters from being destroyed by their subjects.

As in India, as in Egypt, as in America, the lesson is quite plain that laws and religion cannot stop inter-breeding. The problem is not so much legal inter-breeding of the races. Today, as it was in ancient times, it is, and was, the illegitimate mix-breed who threatens the purity of the White Race. There has always been a deplorable freedom between the White and non-White races, which has resulted in an increasing number of mix-breeds.

No, indeed, the answer is not legal separation nor even religious taboo, nor is segregation the answer. On this point history speaks loud and clear. The only answer is expulsion and geographic separation. Yes, the lesson is overwhelmingly clear to even the most naive student of history and that is: if America is to be saved from mongrelization and destruction by the black cancer that is within our midst, the only answer is to ship the niggers back to Africa from whence they were dragged by their Jewish slave traders.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Looking For Nazi Toys? Try The Swap-Meet!

  Looking For Nazi Toys? Try The Swap-Meet!

NOTE: List of stores + links provided by Dr. Hardy Lloyd are at the bottom...

eBay Removes “Nazi” Toys from Its Marketplace

The Jewish online auction giant eBay has removed at least 15 "Nazi-themed" toys — including SS guard figurines and play Wehrmacht tanks — from its listings.

"The toys violated eBay’s policy against products that promote hate or violent ideologies", according to the Jewish News. 

Among its prohibited items are anything that promotes "anti-Semitic stereotypes", as well as "Historical Holocaust-related and Nazi-related items, including reproductions, any item that is anti-Semitic or any item from after 1933 that bears a swastika [and] media identified as Nazi propaganda."  Third Reich German coins are an exception.

Other online retail giants, including Amazon and Etsy, also have removed items "promoting anti-Semitism" and "conspiracy theories" following Jewish-Liberal backlash.

Looking for online retailers that believe in FREE SPEECH? Try these:

Lulu Publishing



Thrift Books


Haven't used them yet.

Miniature Market


Sells games, some banned.

Eides Store - Pittsburgh


Sells banned items.

Wotan Wear


WP Tshirts...

Barnes&Nobles Book Store


Still sells some WRL + Irving books.

Third Reich Books


Slow, but nice selection.

White Aryan Resistance


Patriotic Dissent Books


Awesome WRL store!!

Ostara Publishing


TightRope Records


Best WP Tshirts Ever!!

David Irving


Institute For Historical Review


National Alliance




Sunday, March 7, 2021



By Ben Klassen

Consider the following situation. A young pioneering mother living in a primitive cabin in the early west with her husband and three children. The youngsters are aged six, four and two respectively, and another is on the way. The children are all asleep in the same small room.

Eternal enmity. One morning to the mother’s horror, she finds a rattlesnake with a newly-delivered brood under one of the beds of the children. There is not the slightest doubt in the mother’s mind as to what she must do.  She immediately gets her children out of the area, contemplates getting the biggest club in the woodpile by the fireplace, and clubbing to death the rattlesnake and her infant brood.

Irreconcilable conflict. Now obviously there is a sharp conflict of interest here. Obviously the two conflicting parties, namely, the mother and her family on the one side, and the rattlesnake on the other side, have immediate, direly opposing points of view.  The two viewpoints are forever irreconcilable.  They are extremely hostile and laden with emotion.  They are, in fact, a matter of life and death.  The two parties cannot survive in the same bedroom, and in fact, from the mother’s point of view, the rattlesnake is, per se, an evil threat to herself and her family, no matter where it exists.  There can be no negotiation, no compromise, no reconciliation, only survival of one or the other. 

Snake’s viewpoint. But before we go further into the mother’s point of view, let us look at it from the rattlesnake’s point of view.  Let us for a moment look at it through the snake’s eyes.  In fact, let us present it from the typical bleeding-heart liberal’s point of view and embellish it with some of the tear-jerking, sympathy-evoking cliches that these same bleeding-hearts have become so expertise at in tugging at your heartstrings.

Liberal Humanitarian version. Here is the poor rattlesnake in danger of her life. She, too, is one of God’s creatures, with a right to life, liberty and happiness. She, too, is entitled to survival and the right to raise her family in peace, comfort and security.  Furthermore, she is a mother.  She is a good mother trying to protect her young offspring.  She found a nice warm place under the bed and considered it her home.  And why not?  It seemed more warm and sheltered from the elements than the more hostile, cold exterior.  The fact that someone else had built the house was of no particular interest to her.  This was her nest!  This was her home!  This was where her children were born!

After all, the snake could reason that she and her ancestors roamed that prairie land long before these White intruders came along and started plowing up their land, uprooting their nests, and in general, killing and decimating their kind.  These White settlers were their most bitter detested enemies!  Kill them!  Strike out at this White mother!  Strike her with poisonous fangs and inject the deadly venom into her bloodstream as quickly as possible!  Rid the earth of her, her children and her kind!

These would be the thoughts that would be flitting through the rattlesnake’s mind if it could express itself.  Since it can’t express itself in words, a bleeding-heart liberal opinion molder would gladly do it for her and spread her point of view throughout the news media of the world, especially if thereby he could discredit, weaken and undermine the position of the White Race.

The Mother’s viewpoint. So much for the snake’s point of view. At this point, we were looking at it purely as seen through the serpent’s eyes. Looking at it from the mother’s point of view, the snake represented an immediate and present danger to her, her children and her husband. It was a dangerous reptile, equipped with poisonous fangs, a species of varmint that was of no earthly use to her or anybody else.  It was ugly, reprehensible, instinctively fear-inspiring, and a terrible danger to her family.  Almost instinctively, she clubbed the rattlesnake and her brood to death as quickly as possible and threw the remains out of her house.  Instinctively she did that which Nature tells each species to do — protect your own kind and destroy that which is a threat to you, your family and your kind.

In the case of the pioneering mother “her kind” was the White Race.  It did not even include the whole “human race”.  It did not even include the hostile savage redskins who roamed the land, and who too, were a threat to her family and her White Racial Comrades.

Eternal Conflict of the Species. This, in clear outline, presents the conflict that each species of Nature is confronted with today and has been from time immemorial.  It will be so eternally in the future.  The mealy-mouthed liberals and the bleeding-hearts would have us believe that things are different now and that we all have a larger, overall common interest that we all share.  We must learn to live and let live, they tell us.  They even go further and say that we must help preserve every species, no matter how harmful to us or how useless.  This applies not only to the world of animals, birds, fishes and insects, but also the preservation and proliferation of the inferior species of that great catch-all: the “human” race.  This includes cannibals, Australian bushmen, remnant savages that live in the trees in the Philippine Islands, or head-hunting cannibals in New Guinea, or in the jungles of the Amazon.  No matter how backward, stupid or useless such tribes are, it is the “Christian duty” of the White Race to protect, to feed, to nurture them, and if necessary, to keep them breeding, even baby-sit for them as we do now for many of the American Indians who would soon die out if left to fend for themselves in competition with the White Man’s civilization.

Suicidal Christian Philosophy. The Jews and Christians even go further.  They not only tell us we should “live and let live” but they tell us we should love our enemies and do good to them that spitefully use us.  Since Christianity basically is indulging in a world of fantasy and make-believe, such philosophy is, of course, one of suicide and stupidity.  To voluntarily collaborate in the suicide of your own Race, is going far beyond the idea of “live and let live”!

No concern for the White Race. Throughout this whole idiotic bleeding-heart philosophy, there strangely seems to be one vital piece missing.  Curiously, whereas these do-gooders’ hearts bleed profusely for the alligators, the rattlesnakes, the Indians and the niggers, there never seems to be the slightest concern for the survival of Nature’s most wonderful species of all — the White Race. Whereas reams of propaganda have been written about how important it is to preserve the last 50 whooping cranes, no bleeding-heart do-gooder has ever publicized that the great White Race itself is a declining and shrinking species, that it is truly an endangered species on its way to extinction.

Liberal Philosophy Suicidal. This is singularly peculiar and strange, since a large portion of these liberals, bleeding-hearts and do-gooders who are doing all the shouting, are themselves members of the White Race.

How does it happen that the White Race, whose intelligence in the matter of science, civilization and culture is so far ahead of any of the colored mud races, that it is completely unaware and unconcerned about its own survival, yet will make such a big to-do about the survival and welfare of not only the scum of the earth, but even the welfare of its out and out enemies?

Must get our thinking straight. In order to answer this strange dilemma, we must first of all get our thinking straight.  There are a number of factors that have brought the White Race to the verge of suicide and self-destruction and not the least of which is the confused philosophy which is debilitating the White Man’s brain. Somebody has been tampering with the White Man’s thinking process.  Whoever that somebody is, they are not interested in the White Man’s welfare, but rather his destruction.

White Race our only concern. So let us analyze the situation as to how we got so confused as to aid our enemies and totally lack concern for our own survival.

When I say “our” survival, I am talking about the White Race, since I am not a bird, or an alligator, or a nigger, or an Indian.  I am a member of the White Race and as such I am first and foremost concerned about the welfare of the White Race, its survival, expansion and advancement.

Survival necessarily at expense of other creatures. Now let us state clearly one overriding fact of life: the interest and welfare of one species of life on the face of this earth can be, and usually is, in dire conflict with that of another.  There is no such thing as “a common good” for every creature on the face of this earth.  When a coyote brings home a rabbit to his family, it makes a good meal for the coyote family, but it spells death and tragedy for the rabbit family.

When a pride of lions in the African Veldt manages to pull down a zebra, it temporarily spells food and plenty for the lion pride, but it is death and destruction for the zebra. When a horde of locusts invades a farmer’s field of corn, it spells destruction for the corn, disaster for the farmer, but food and good nourishment to the locusts. The interest of the locusts, and the farmer are not the same. They are diametrically opposed.

Survival of its own kind. And so it is throughout Nature. One creature’s death is the other creature’s tasty dinner. Coyotes are not interested in the welfare of rabbits, and suffer no pangs of conscience in bringing them home for dinner. Nor should they. Nature tells them that this is what they should do to survive. On the other hand, rabbits are not the least interested in the welfare of the coyotes and it is a matter of life and death to prevent getting caught by a coyote and becoming a coyote’s dinner.

The obvious conflict of interest extends to practically all other species and even between the sub-species. Nature tells each species to look after its own kind.

Eternal Struggle is the Price of Survival. Those who are too weak or too sluggish to competently wage that struggle, fall by the wayside and are eliminated in the grim battle for survival.

This dictum applies to whole species as well as individuals. Darwin summed it up with the phrase “survival of the fittest”.

Nature’s Laws Immutable. This implacable Law of Nature also applies to the species as well as the individual. Not only is Nature continually upgrading each species by culling out the weak, the sluggish, the misfits, the deformed, but over a longer span of time, Nature also culls out whole species that could not meet its test in the competition for survival. The dodo is no longer with us. Neither are many huge species of the dinosaur family who fifty million years ago dominated the landscape in massive numbers. Certain species of the dinosaur family, such as iguanas, however, which have adapted to changed circumstances, environment and competition, still survive to this day. On the plus side, the shark family with some 250 sub-species has survived competition, ice ages, and a changing environment for over two hundred million years, a long, long time indeed.

Survival of the Fittest. The same harsh law of “survival of the fittest” also applies to the “human” species. Unfortunately the term “fittest” does not necessarily mean the most capable and intelligent, nor the most productive. “Survival of the fittest” means the fittest to survive, which has an altogether different connotation. The cockroach as a species inhabited the earth at the time of the dinosaurs and is still with us. This does not mean it was better, bigger, stronger, or more desirable than the dinosaur. It does mean it has proved itself more capable of surviving. As a result it survived, and the big dinosaurs did not.  It is important to make this distinction when we are talking about the “survival of the fittest”.

White Race Creator of Civilizations. It is important to keep this distinction in mind when we consider the “human” species as such. Undoubtedly the White Race is by far the most intelligent, capable, industrious, productive race of all races that now live, or ever have lived, on the face of this planet. When it comes to producing civilization, practically all known civilizations were created by the White Race. Even those such as the Hindu or Chinese civilizations of four thousand years ago were created by an invading White conqueror and foisted upon an inferior mud race. When through intermarriage the White conquerors were finally diluted and submerged into oblivion, then those same civilizations froze at the initial level or retrogressed into decay. This subject is explored in further detail in several chapters of our first book, NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

White Race an Endangered Species. Despite the fact that the White Race is overwhelmingly superior to all the mud races of the world in creativity, productivity, intellect, culture, civilization and just about every other category, the White Race is not holding its own in the battle for survival. It is shrinking, while the mud races of the world are multiplying and breeding like rats.

Strangely, most White people are tragically unaware of this catastrophe. Many of the White liberals whose hearts are bleeding about the survival of the last 50 whooping cranes are strangely indifferent about the disappearance and extinction of their own species.

White Race Programmed for Extinction. And the fact is — the White Race is on a collision course with disaster and extinction. Whereas it has taken millions of years for Nature to evolve this crowning glory of her creation, unless the White Race soon changes its attitude and its course of action the White Race as we know it today will be mongrelized into another stupid, incapable mud race within two generations at most. It will be submerged in a flood tide of colored masses, from which it can never again extricate itself. Once the White Race is mongrelized it can never again reverse the process, no more than a fried scrambled egg can again be returned into the original egg.

Let us make no mistake about it — there is a powerful deliberate crash program in force to niggerize America! The niggerization of America is undoubtedly the most important ominous fact of contemporary history and strangely one of the least realized by the victims themselves, the White Race.

Jews our Mortal Enemy. Working towards the niggerization of America is the Jewish race. Pushing, clawing, propagandizing with a fury unparalleled in history, the Jews are working towards their ultimate historical goal — total enslavement of all the races of the world — and every Jew a king. Why do they want to reduce the White Man down to a mongrelized moron in order to rule the world? The question almost answers itself. Morons are easier to control than an intelligent, aggressive and belligerent opposition, such as the White Race has always been.

Whereas the Jews are pushing for the niggerization of America and the mongrelization of the White Race throughout the world as a whole, their program, of course, does not include the mongrelization of the Jews. On the contrary, the Jews are extremely race conscious and have been so for thousands of years. They are the most fanatically racist-minded of any on the face of the earth. Their one fanatic loyalty is toward their own race. Their one unbendable law is: what’s good for the Jews is good — what’s bad for the Jews is bad — period.

Everything from Jewish viewpoint. They do not make the mistake of looking at the world through the snake’s eyes or anyone else’s eyes. They look at everything through the Jew’s eyes — everything is examined, explained, promoted and considered from the Jewish point of view. As a result of this racial solidarity which is polarized around their Judaic religion, the Jew today is in control of the money, the propaganda media, and the governments of the world.

White Man playing the Defenseless Fool. Here lies the significant difference between the Jews and the White Race. Whereas the Jews make no bones about being unswervingly dedicated to the interests of the Jewish race, the White Man, through massive application of propaganda, is mesmerized into being a charitable do-gooder, busily breaking his neck in an attempt to save the rest of the world. He is continually being told that it is “his duty”, his responsibility, to subsidize the Hindus in India, the Indians in America, the niggers in Biafra, in Uganda or in the U.S.A., or wherever they are. He is continually, through Jewish propaganda, being told that he must consider the “needs” of every scum on the face of the earth. He is told to look at life and the world through everyone else’s eyes but his own. He is being programmed, in short, to look at the world through the snake’s eyes — through the eyes of his deadly enemies.

Prejudice and Discrimination. There are two key words the Jew uses extremely effectively as weapons against the White Race. Those two words are prejudice and discrimination. They are always used against the White Man, never against the Jews or the niggers. They are used to make the White Man feel guilty and thereby batter down his defenses.

Everybody is prejudiced. Now let me say this about prejudice: everybody who has an ounce of brains at all is prejudiced and uses discrimination in their selection of everything — associates, neighbors, clothes, food, cars, housing, etc.  Niggers are extremely prejudiced in favor of niggers, Jews are the most fanatic of all in cheating, lying and stealing if it will favor Israel and the Jews as a whole. Judges are prejudiced, legislators and politicians are prejudiced, teachers are prejudiced, newsmen are prejudiced. Only an imbecile can go through life without being prejudiced, and even that is doubtful.

Weapon against the White Race. So what else is new? Nothing, except it is only the White Race who is always accused of being prejudiced, “racist” and stupidly cringes before this idiotic charge like a Pavlovian dog conditioned to salivate. The earmark of any free society is the freedom to choose whom you want to associate with. This obviously also means the freedom to choose whom you do not want to associate with and thereby reject. Throughout history this freedom of choice has been extremely important to all people, and we CREATORS are determined not to let the Jews and niggers swindle us out of this extremely important right.

Prejudiced redefined. In its true sense prejudice really means being selective in the manifold options and choices that are available in life. In being competent in making such choice, common sense would dictate that such a person exercised good judgment — an accolade of intelligence.

Perverted into smear word. However, the Jews and the niggers, in using “prejudice” as a weapon against the White Man have perverted it to an altogether different meaning.  Through years of repetition they have cultivated its meaning into an ugly smear word, an epithet connoting a prejudiced individual is cursed with an odd quirk, hang-up, who hates people different from himself for no reason at all.

Alert to clear and present danger. Let us therefore set the record straight. We CREATORS are not obsessed with any particular hang-ups or quirks of any kind. In fact, it is our cold dispassionate logic that strikes fear and hatred into the hearts of our enemies. We CREATORS are not particularly concerned about what anybody believes or does as long as it is no threat to us. If 500 million people want to believe cows are holy and it is no threat to us, we couldn’t care less. However, when a powerful group, such as the Jewish network, has a creed and program designed to destroy our family, our country, yes, and the White Race itself, then we spring to attention. We not only take notice, but we take action. It then behooves us to become extremely energized, to organize and to defend ourselves at all costs. It is then a matter of survival — a matter of do or die.

Racial loyalty. We CREATORS take this stand: Yes, we are proud to be racists.  Yes, we are prejudiced in favor of the White Race at all times, in all things.  Only we call this racial loyalty, and anyone who is not loyal to the White Race we designate as a despicable traitor to his or her own race.  We will have more to say about this in later chapters but I want to make this issue indelibly clear right from the beginning.

Conclusion. The foregoing leads to the following inescapable conclusions:

1. Nature decrees that each species look after its own exclusively and guard against its enemies. We will call this philosophy to each his own, or racial loyalty, in reference to people.

2.We must never again look at issues from anyone else’s point of view, not through the snake’s, not through the Jew’s eyes, not through the nigger’s eyes, or any other enemies’ point of view.

We must measure everything from our point of view. We must consider every issue from the White Man’s point of view,and no one else’s.

3. The third conclusion logically follows the second and it will be the bedrock of our religious thinking: namely: what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We have already decreed this as our Golden Rule in the first chapter, and we repeat it here.

Never Again must we be Traitor to our Own. As we proceed to build the philosophy of our religion for the survival of the White Race, let us never again look at the world through the serpent’s eyes. We are not interested in the serpent’s point of view. We have only one consideration: The White Man’s point of view, The White Man’s best interest, The White Man’s welfare.

To do otherwise is playing the traitor to our own race and an affront against the Laws of Nature itself.

In the next chapter we will take a closer look at each creature’s instinctive ability to recognize its natural enemy, and what has happened to that instinct in the case of the White Race.