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Simple and Vital Truths, Hidden by Jews

 Simple and Vital Truths, Hidden by Jews

by David Sims

Everyone understands that there are both good people and bad people in all races. Certainly, I’ve never said otherwise, even if at times I’ve referred to groups of people in general terms. But there are times when we must generalize.

Not every grain of sand in a pile of sand is tan, but most of it is, and tan is the color that you get an overall impression of, if you look at a pile of sand from a distance. Not every atom in a metal can of hot compressed air is moving faster or has more kinetic energy than does the average atom at room temperature, but most of the atoms in the can do, and if you try to pick up the can with your bare hands you will get burns and blisters.

Although evil exists among all peoples, it does not exist in all peoples in the same proportion. Some peoples are more evil than others. The differences aren’t entirely, or even primarily, the result of circumstances — a fact you can check by controlling for circumstances and verifying that the differences persist. Nor are the differences a minor matter of a few per cent. One people might exhibit a particular evil with double or triple the rate of another. And for some evils one people might display a rate that is two or three orders of magnitude (i.e., a factor of hundreds or of thousands of times) larger than that of another people.

How much will you pay to extract a few tiny grains of gold from the pile of sand they are hidden in? The effort might cost you more than the gold is worth. Or it might not. It all depends on the proportions of sand and gold, and on how much effort must be invested in separating them.

We are morally responsible, first, above all, bar nothing, to protect our genes as they occur in our own children, and then in the children of our race born to other families.

Our genes didn’t evolve to sacrifice themselves so that different genes could replace them: That kind of morality is improper (or unnatural) and its practice is evil (or “illegal” under the laws of Nature) — with extinction being the penalty.

We have been duped, mostly by the Jews, into behaving immorally, into sacrificing the prospects for the future survival of our race, of our descendants, so that the prospects of other races, especially those of the Jews, might be enlarged. The duping has been carried out with propaganda in television, newspapers, movies, and magazines, but a fair bit of it is also propagated via corrupted curricula in public schools. Although a certain number of lies are standard fare in all of these media, mostly the deceptions involve abuses of emphasis, abuses of omission, and abuses of psychology.

The abuse of emphasis is carried on by elevating social differences of opinion into major political issues, which our national lawmakers debate on TV with much apparent concern and gravity, spinning away the hours on a minor matter that could, and should, be handled in minutes, probably ending with the conclusion that government need not treat this particular matter at all, and that people can, and should, be left alone to decide for themselves how to live. 

Meanwhile, the US Congress does not, most decidedly not, speak about whether or not to send weapons and money to Israel, or whether the US ambassador to the United Nations should use the US veto in the Security Council to block resolutions that the Jews don’t like. Such matters as these have already been decided by the Jews, you see, and it would be impertinent, not to mention dangerous, for any mere Congressman to meddle in their affairs.

One of the abuses of psychology is making the subject of history in high schools boring, filled with details that should be left for those seeking advanced degrees — whereas teaching it well, with a focus on what is important to our own lives, with reasonable completeness and accuracy, would shock most people and provoke fear, anger, and bitterness, and, in a few, resolve to make right what has gone wrong. But this the Jews do not allow. A history teacher in a public high school would probably lose his job if he tried to do it properly.

Source: National Vanguard

CPH Episode 26 - Open Lines + Activism in 21st Century

 CPH 26 - Activism in 21st Century + Open Lines

Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Friday, October 22, 2021

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 How do we survive, or even be active, in the insane world we now find ourselves in today? Join with Rev. Lloyd to find out!! Sunday at 19.00 est....

Right-Wing = JEW!!

REV. LLOYD'S NOTE: We Creator's are Fourth Positionists. We not only reject BOTH the right AND the left, but even Third Position, too. For us our Holy Faith, Creativity, is the only path to victory. For us Creator's, only our Religion matters. RAHOWA!! Oh, and to add some more basic common sense to this article, I wanted to add the following. Our Religious movement of Creativity, as well as the general White Pride White Civil Rights movement, have always been anti right-wing. Kosher CONservatives are no better than the vile communist bastards we defeated in Italia in 1922, Germany in 1933 and Spain in 1939.... While the libtard is a marxite fool, the zionist/christ-insane CONservative is a jew loving coward. BOTH are the enemies of FREEDOM and the WHITE RACE!!

 America’s Most Important Right-Wing Conference of The Year is an Israeli Influence Operation

From October 31st to November 2nd, the mother of all right-wing intellectual conferences is scheduled to be hosted in Orlando, Florida. 

The event, titled the National Conservatism Conference, will include keynote speeches from three Republican 2024 presidential contenders (Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley), a prominent billionaire (Peter Thiel), anda  2022 Senatorial favorite (J.D. Vance), whose campaign is being bankrolled by said billionaire. They are joined by 86 of the most prominent paleo-conservative, Traditionalist Catholic, neo-reactionary and conservative writers, academics and pundits in the United States. 

The conference is being hosted by an Israeli, Yoram Hazony, through his non-profit, The Edmund Burke Foundation. 

According to the description of the event, the National Conservatism Conference seeks to chart a new path for the American right, with a special focus on the "best path forward for a democratic world confronted by a rising China abroad and a powerful new Marxism at home." 

The section expresses interest in creating an "intellectually serious alternative to the excesses of purist libertarianism" that is "in stark opposition to political theories grounded in race." 

Yet despite the large number of Jews and even Rabbis set to speak at the conference, the Edmund Burke Foundation and Yoram Hazony do not mention a pertinent fact: the conference is a Zionist influence operation being directed from Jerusalem.

According to The Edmund Burke Foundation's Form 990 tax filings obtained by National Justice, the group shares the same Israeli staff as the Jerusalem-based Herzl Institute:  Yoram Hazony, Ofir Harvry, and Rabbi Raphael "Rafi" Eis. 

Burke Foundation employees not listed on the Herzl Institute's website, such as David Brog, belong to other pro-Israel activist groups like the Maccabee Task Force, whose sole purpose appears to be to fight Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns.    

The Herzl Institute is, according to its own description, a propaganda initiative that specializes in training Christian scholars to advance Israeli and Jewish interests around the world. 

The link between the National Conservatism Conference and the Herzl Institute is not advertised but neither is it hidden. While scrolling through the Florida conference's website, a link to its 2016 inaugural event is openly hosted by the Herzl Institute, with the theme "Christian-Jewish Alliance: Reclaiming and Building Conservatism." Many of the speakers from the 2016 conference will also be speaking at the 2021 meeting. 

What adds intrigue to the nascent network of prominent right, even "far-right," thinkers that will be present at the Florida event is that it appears to signal a Jewish abandonment of traditional conservative sources -- Evangelical, libertarian, and so on -- for a new neo-conservatism that is Catholic, somewhat illiberal, and fixated on combating China.   

Some of the sponsors listed for National Conservatism 2021, such as The American Conservative -- which in the past has published numerous articles critical of Israel -- are surprising. Others represent the new reactionary tendency in American politics, such as Peter Thiel's Claremont Institute, along with the Catholic stalwart First Things. 

Many liberal outlets have commented on the rise of this new "reactionary right" as being centered in Hungary around the presidency of Viktor Orban, which deliberately ignores the Israeli nucleus that seems to bring all these disparate actors together. The Danube Institute, which is based in Hungary, is listed as a sponsor and represented at the conference through its president John O'Sullivan. Many Catholic and paleo-conservative figures present at the National Conservatism Conference such as Rod Dreher, Patrick Deneen, and others have recently been traveling to and from Hungary and meeting with prominent state figures there.  

One stark omission at the coming event is Tucker Carlson, who is arguably the most important right-wing figure in America at the moment. Carlson was a keynote speaker at Hazony's event last year and has also been traveling to Hungary, yet he will not be present at this event. The Fox News pundit's high profile jousts with the Anti-Defamation League this year is undoubtedly playing a role in him not attending. 

Yoram Hazony's 2018 book, The Virtue of Nationalism, promoting what he believes are Anglo-Saxon liberal civic values as an alternative to both racial nationalism and leftism, quickly came and went without leaving much of an impact.

Yet the low level Israeli academic's mysterious ability to introduce often ignored and fringe intellectuals in Catholic and neo-reactionary groups to European leaders, American presidential contenders, and deep pocketed billionaires is bound to undoubtedly influence their discourse on Jews and Israel as the conservative right and Republican party move on from Trumpism.  

Source: National Justice

Thursday, October 21, 2021

The statewide mask order for Pennsylvania schools does not.....


The statewide mask order for Pennsylvania schools does not need to be enacted through the state’s system of passing governmental regulations, as state House Republicans had sought, a panel decided Thursday.

The Joint Committee on Documents, an obscure entity that includes of members of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration, other executive branch officials and legislative leaders, voted 7-4 that Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam’s Aug. 31 order did not have to be enacted as a regulation.

The committee meeting was required after the House Health Committee voted along party lines to request the review and asked the committee to take it up in a Sept. 14 letter from its Republican chair, Rep. Kathy Rapp of Warren County.

In a statement released after the vote, Rapp said the decision “blatantly ignores our foundational constitutional separation of powers, the rule of law, local control, parental and student rights, and especially individual liberty.”

The order applies to K-12 schools and child care facilities and is designed to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Had the committee determined the masking order needed to be promulgated as a regulation, it would have ordered the Health Department either to go through the complicated process of establishing it as a regulation within 180 days or to stop using the order at all.

The joint committee’s chairman, Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau Director Vince DeLiberato, said he voted against upholding the order but would have kept it in place for six months while a formal regulation is developed.

“I cannot stand for the proposition ... that this committee can shut down an emergency order today,” he said.

The hearing came a day after a state court heard argument in a pair of lawsuits challenging the order, including one filed by Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, a Centre County Republican. The status of Beam’s order as a regulation is also an issue in those cases.

Opponents of leaving Beam’s order in place as it is said they were concerned about the fact that the order does not have an end date and said they doubted existing law gives Beam the authority she exercised.

“This is a limitless order, and I think that’s problematic,” said lawyer James Kutz, representing Rapp at the hearing.

Health Department lawyers said that Beam took action in face of the pandemic’s wide effects and that her order is meant to implement an existing regulation.

“The limitation is the disease,” said Health lawyer Kevin Hoffman. “And unfortunately the disease has tremendous reach.”

The committee’s decision can be appealed to Commonwealth Court. House Speaker Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster, who voted to make it go through the regulatory process, said a decision about the appeal has not been made.

“I think it’s quite clear that the order as written impacts everybody, it impacts everybody uniformly and is generally applied as a law because it does have penalties tied to it,” Cutler said afterward.

13 February 1945: Approximately 500,000 German Refugees Burned Alive by Allied Forces in Dresden

 DR. LLOYD'S NOTE: More like 600,000 INNOCENT GERMAN'S DIED on the hateful, murderous Dresden raid. For this vile act EVERY GRINGO AND ENGLISHMAN should be MURDERED, their countries burned to the ground!! For contrast the amount of yids who died during WW2 from all causes was between 200,000-350,000. Yet, the kikes still claim 'six million' of them died from 'gassing' alone. HAH!! Even when the jews themselves dropped the supposed total at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million, the magical '6 million' figuar still stands. Why? It's a selling point. An advertisement pitch. Total fucking fiction…. Still, wish it had happened!! Hell, I wish all 20 million yids would just burn alive. Now THAT would be awesome!!


13 February 1945: Approximately 500,000 German Refugees Burned Alive by Allied Forces in Dresden

The professional liars who act on behalf of the official historiography of the Federal Republic of Germany shamelessly reduce the death toll of the Dresden holocaust by several hundreds of thousands.

On the other hand, nobody disputes that more than 12.000 houses in the center of the city were reduced to dust during the hellish firestorm. In view of the fact that, in addition to the 600.000 inhabitants of Dresden, another 600.000 people (refugees from Breslau) had found shelter in the overcrowded city, one can safely assume that each of these 12.000 houses contained no fewer than 50 people.

But of these houses virtually nothing remained, and the people who had been dwelling in them were transformed into ashes due to a heat of 1600 degrees Celsius. The deniers of the German Holocaust brazenly claim that only 35.000 persons perished in Dresden. Considering that a superficies of 7 x 4 kilometers, to wit 28 square kilometers, was completely destroyed, this "politically correct” figure would imply that less than 1, 5 persons died on each thousand square meters! In February 2005 a commission of "serious” historians further reduced this figure, claiming that only 24.000 Germans had been killed in Dresden. But anybody familiar with the character of the political system of Germany knows that these "serious historians” are nothing but vulgar falsifiers of history who are paid for preventing the breakthrough of the truth with more and more bare-faced lies.

The figure of 35.000 dead only represents the small part of the victims who could be fully identified. Erhard Mundra, a member of the "Bautzen committee” (an association of former political prisoners in the GDR), wrote in the daily newspaper Die Welt (12.2. 1995, page 8): "According to the former general staff officer of the military district of Dresden and retired lieutenant colonel of the Bundeswehr, D. Matthes, 35.000 victims were fully and another 50.000 partly identified, whereas further 168.000 could not be identified at all.” It goes without saying that the hapless children, women and old people whom the firestorm had transformed into a heap of ashes could not be identified either.

In 1955 former West German chancellor Konrad Adenauer stated: "On 13 February 1945, the attack on the city of Dresden, which was overcrowded with refugees, claimed about 250.000 victims.” (Deutschland heute, edited by the press and information service of the federal government, Wiesbaden 1955, page 154.)

In 1992, the city of Dresden gave the following answer to a citizen who had inquired about the death toll: "According to reliable information from the Dresden police, 202.040 dead, most of them women and children, were found until 20 March. Only about 30% of them could be identified. If we take into account those who are missing, a figure of 250.000 to 300.000 victims seems realistic.” (letter by Hitzscherlich, Sign: 0016/Mi, date: 31 - 7 - 1992.)

At the time of the attack, Dresden had no anti-aircraft guns and no military defense. It possessed no military industry at all. The city served as a shelter for refugees from the East. The roofs were marked with a red cross.

The German cities became huge crematoria

In that horrible night from 13 to 14 February 1945, the biggest war criminal of all time, Winston Churchill, had almost 700.000 incendiary bombs dropped on Dresden – in other words, one bomb for two inhabitants. On 3 March 1995, Die Welt commented this fact: "When the cities became crematoria… Professor Dietmar Hosser from the institute for construction material, massive construction and fire prevention deems it highly probable that the temperatures above ground reached up to 1600 degrees Celsius.”The deadly "liberation” came from the skies

The genocide of the German nation destroyed "80% of all German cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants”. The air forces of the Allied war criminals dropped "40.000 tons of bombs in 1942, 120.000 tons in 1943, 650.000 tons in 1944 and another 500.000 tons in the four last months of the war in 1945” (Die Welt, 11 February 1995, page G1).

The Germans did not begin the bombing war!

It should be reminded that Great Britain and France declared war on the German Reich on 3 September 1939, and that England began the terror bombing against the German civilian population as early as two days after its declaration of war. On 5 September 1939 the first raids took place against Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven; on 12 January 1940, Westerland/Sylt was bombed. Two weeks later, on 25 January, the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht forbade air raids against Britain, including her ports, an exception being made for the docks of Rosyth. On 20 March, Kiel and Hörnum/Sylt were attacked with 110 explosive and incendiary bombs, which hit and destroyed a hospital. In April 1940, British bombers attacked further towns devoid of military importance. On 11 May 1940, one day after being named Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Winston Churchill decided to order a massive air offensive against the German civilian population; however he did not inform his own people of his decision. On 18 May 1940, the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht reported more meaningless British attacks on non-military aims and warned Britain of the consequences.

Not before 14/15 November 1940 did the Luftwaffe first attack a British city – Coventry with its important military industry. This happened several months after the start of the British terror bombing against civilian targets in Germany. The raid claimed about 600 victims.

Air-warfare expert Sönke Neitzel concludes: "Indisputably during the first years of the war all heavy attacks of the German Luftwaffe against cities were planned as military blows and cannot be defined as terror raids.” (Darmstädter Echo, 25 – 9 – 2004, p. 4)

Historians: "The British and American peoples share the burden of guilt for the genocide of the Germans”

In September 1988, military historians from five countries met at a conference in Freiburg. The event had been organized by the Institute for Military Research of the Bundeswehr. During a week, American, British, German, French and Italian specialist discussed various aspects of air warfare in the Second World War. After the conference, the daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine published a detailed and highly interesting article. Under the headline "Bombing the Cities”, the author, Professor Günter Gillessen, wrote: "It is a remarkable fact that the Wehrmacht stuck to the traditional principles of moderate warfare until the very end, whereas the two Western democracies resorted to a revolutionary, radical and reckless type of air warfare.” Another interesting conclusion the historians arrived at was the following: "It cannot be disputed that the principles of international law forbade total carpeting bombing … The historians considered the indiscriminate bombing as an abomination, but refused to lay the whole guilt on Air Marshall Sir Arthur Harris or the Bomber Command. According to them, the entire staff of the RAF, but even more the political leaders, especially Churchill and Roosevelt, plus the majority of their peoples shared the burden of guilt.”

Churchill wanted to roast German refugees

On 13 February 1990, forty-five years after the destruction of Dresden, British historian David Irving spoke at the Dresden "Kulturpalast". In his speech, Irving quoted the war criminal Winston Churchill: "I don't want any suggestions how to destroy militarily important targets around Dresden. I want suggestions how blasting the Germans in their retreat from Breslau." (Minute by A.P.S. of S. - Air Chief Marshal Sir Wilfrid Freeman-  Jan 26, 1945 in "Air Historical Branch file CMS.608") But for Churchill, roasting the Germans was not enough. On the morning after the firebombing, he ordered his "Tiefflieger" (strafers, low-flying planes) to machine-gun the survivors on the beaches of the river Elbe.Churchill’s systematic war of extermination against the German people included plans for the destruction of every house in every German city. "’If it has to be, we hope to be able to destroy nearly every house in every German city.’… In March 1945 Churchill began to doubt the wisdom of bombing German cities ‘simply for the sake of increasing the terror’, but the terror continued.” (Die Welt, 11 February 2005, p. 27)

The German elite accuses the victims

Whereas the butcher Churchill actually felt some belated remorse for his war of extermination against the civilian population of Germany, the despicable German post-war elite awarded him the Karlspreis (Charlemagne prize) of Aachen. Churchill accepted this prize in Aachen, one of the countless cities his air-force had devastated, thereby burning alive countless human beings.

Since then, the elite of the German vassal state has not changed. They continue to praise the murderers and to revile the victims. On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the destruction of his city, the mayor of Dresden, Ingolf Rossberg, did not shrink from heaping abuse on the German holocaust victims; he practically justified the murder of hundreds of thousands (most of them women, children and wounded soldiers in the hospitals) plus the annihilation of irreplaceable cultural treasures: "60 years after the devastating bombing, which claimed tens of thousands of victims, mayor Ingolf Rossberg warned against misunderstanding Dresden as an ‘innocent city’.” (Die Welt, 12 February 2005, Internet version).

Thus spoke the mayor of a city which had received streams of people, animals and carriages like a caring mother. The streets and squares of Dresden were filled with refugees, the meadows and parks had been transformed into huge camps. When the fatal hour approached, about 1.130.000 people were living in Dresden. The result of the attacks was even more murderous than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Only the German victims are guilty, not their murderers!

As American, British, German, French and Italian historians ascertained at the Freiburg conference in 1988, not only the main war criminals Churchill and Roosevelt bear the guilt for history’s worst atrocity. The majority of the British and the American population were not blameless either.

The German weekly Der Spiegel stated in its 1/1995 issue: "About six million Germans were killed." As a matter of fact, the actual figure was about fifteen million. But although even the anti-German Spiegel admits that six million Germans were put to death, the German elite only bemoans Jewish victims.

On 12 February 1995, Ernst Cramer wrote in Die Welt (page 12): "When commemorating the victims, we should stop asking about guilt.” And what had the politically super-correct former German president, Roman Herzog, to say about who was guilty of the German genocide? Speaking in Dresden on 13 February 1995, Herzog chose to insult the victims by stating: "It is meaningless to discuss if the bombing war, the inhumanity of which nobody disputes, was legally justified or not. What are such discussions good for, considering that fifty years have elapsed?” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 14 February 1995, p. 1)

But when it comes to monstrously exaggerating the Auschwitz death toll (according to the well-known journalist Fritjof Meyer, three and a half million Auschwitz victims were simply invented in order to denigrate the German people) the professional hypocrites and liars never say: "It is meaningless to discuss this… What are such discussions good for, considering that so and so many years have elapsed?” As a matter of fact, all leading German politicians claim that Germany is guilty in all eternity. Even the unborn Germans are guilty!

Two measures

Let us resume: Not even the responsibles deny that the German cities were transformed into crematoria during World War Two. The total amounts of bombs dropped on the German cities has been confirmed by the criminals themselves and is therefore credible. That six million Germans were killed, was confirmed by the anti-German Spiegel and by official statistics, although the real figure is about 15 million. Nevertheless every liar under the sun apparently has the right to affirm that the allied terror bombings claimed only a handful of victims. These brazen falsifiers of history have nothing to fear from the German justice.

The biggest mass murder in history

The "democrats”, who claim to have "liberated” the German people from Hitler, brought nothing but terror and destruction. In Dresden, they murdered several hundreds of thousands people in one single hellish night and destroyed countless cultural treasures. Women who were giving birth to children in the delivery rooms of the burning hospitals jumped out of the windows, but within minutes, these mothers and their children, who were still hanging at the umbilical cords, were reduced to ashes too. Thousands of people whom the incendiary bombs had transformed into living torches jumped into the ponds, but phosphorus continues to burn even in the water. Even the animals from the zoo, elephants, lions and others, desperately headed for the water, together with the humans. But all of them, the new-born child, the mother, the old man, the wounded soldier and the innocent animal from the zoo and the stable, horribly perished in the name of "liberation".

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Deprogramming Whites from the Cult of Anti-Whiteism Via CREATIVITY

 Deprogramming Whites from the Cult of Anti-Whiteism Via CREATIVITY

Edited By Reverend Hardy Lloyd

From a NV article originally written by Mark.

In George Orwell’s 1984, the masses are bombarded with slogans such as Freedom Is Slavery, War Is Peace, and Ignorance Is Strength.

Now, to our ears these slogans sound absurd and internally contradictory, but in the fictional society of the book these took on meanings that seemed to make sense to the masses much as some of our absurd real-world slogans today seem to make sense to the masses. Read on, and you’ll see how fabricated “truths” can sometimes be believed.

In 1984, Freedom Is Slavery meant that if one has too much freedom one may waste one’s life seeking nothing but pleasure instead of doing meaningful things. (And “meaningful things” was defined by Big Brother, of course.)

War Is Peace meant that if the nation is in a constant war state, the populace should not be concerned with any real or imagined failings of the government because the government is protecting them from outside enemies and thus they should be happy with it.

Ignorance Is Strength meant that one would be happier and more contented if one didn’t always insist on discovering the objective truth of everything but simply accepted the “truths” fabricated by the rulers.

Today, in our non-fiction reality, you have no doubt heard the mindless and utterly stupid clichés uttered by brainwashed Whites that remind one of Orwell’s 1984 such as: “There is only one race, the human race.”  “Don’t judge a person by the color of his skin.” “There is systemic oppression/racism.”

And you’ve also heard Whites who actually like being White being called racists (and not in a good way) and you’ve seen the constant TV commercials and TV shows in which mixed-race couples are portrayed as smiling lovers or are happily married.

You’ve also seen and heard about how democracy is the best form of governance and that, if a simple majority votes into law things such as free abortions or same-sex “marriages,” then these things are good and desirable — or that if a law is written by elected officials then it also must be good, because in both cases it is the “will of the people” and, golly, ain’t democracy just swell?

Welcome to the new era of brainwashing of Whites to trick us into miscegenating or otherwise working against our own best interests and committing racial suicide and bringing about the extinction of ourselves and our kind.

Modern brainwashing — thought reform, you might call it — doesn’t require that you be isolated or sleep-deprived as you may have seen in movies. It is more subtle than that and relies on widespread and almost instantaneous modern social media and technology, and constant and rapid immersion in negative images of Whites who like being White and positive images of Whites who mix and mate with non-Whites.

Many Whites are taken in by such thought reform practices and soon become “anti-racists” and even begin hating their own race. The most noticeable of these are the ones who were allegedly strong, street-tough pro-White activists who have “seen the light” (cue angelic music) and who now hate the Whites who are strong White advocates.

These formerly “racist” sad sacks are often sent to schools to convince White kids that being White and liking it is not a good thing and is evil. They’ll usually look and act “cool,” come off (they hope) as the “baddest of the bad,” flash their “White power” or “Nazi” tattoos, and “talk tough” — and then they’ll tell the wide-eyed young Whites how it was that they saw the evil of their White ways and White thoughts and changed their minds and how they now love non-Whites and how sorry they are for ever having liked being White and how they are now so happy to be one with “decent humanity” again after having once been recruited by evil White racists into their previous “false” thinking and actions. Yawn.

Here are three of the major steps used in brainwashing Whites into becoming part of the cult of anti-Whiteism. These are mostly done today in ways that are more subtle than they sound below, but they are definitely being done.

1. Your personal  and collective sense of identity as a White person is attacked and your self and group confidence is broken down. You are constantly assaulted with propaganda that falsely says your race is not distinct or unique in any way, and that there is “only one race, the human race” — and that if your eyes tell you differently, they are lying. Skin color, the propaganda falsely states, is not important and is a mere trifle such as different colors of paint on otherwise identical automobiles.

2. You are told that you are “bad” or “evil” if you believe that race is real and meaningful, and you are made to feel full of guilt for believing that Whites are different from non-Whites. You are told that you have some sort of unearned and illegitimate “White privilege” just because you were born with White skin, and that you must work to overcome this “White privilege” in order to be a good person. You are led to hate yourself and other Whites for the “evil racist” thoughts that you might think, even be subconscious ones, which are an inherent part of your Whiteness itself. But then you are led to believe that your “inner White racism” isn’t really your fault because evil White racists, or the endemic racism of White society, have tricked you into such beliefs. 

3. These things are all aimed at breaking down your personality and making you feel shame and guilt so you can be manipulated into having new thoughts and behaviors implanted in you. You are now full of tension. The tension is then released by giving you an “out” which will let you escape from your internal shame and guilt. You simply need, they tell you, to confess and admit to your past wrong-think and wrong-behaviors and renounce such beliefs and behaviors (similar to Catholic confession or getting things off your chest) — and by admitting that you were wrong and how you have now “seen the light” and “know in your heart” that all races are the same and that therefore racemixing and miscegenation are just fine. With this confession, you are released from the internal tension and start to feel good about the “new you.” At this point you are completely brainwashed into new thinking and new behaviors — and you may even become an “anti-racist hero” such as the aforementioned  former White racists who go to schools to scare kids into not wanting to be White and hating themselves and other Whites for being born White.

How does one resist such anti-White brainwashing?

a) Develop a strong sense of White identity. It’s okay — even great — to be White, to think White, to act White, to like being White. It is who and what you are born to be. Love yourself and your people. Always be your White self and don’t try to ape the ways of non-Whites to be acceptable to them or to anyone who doesn’t like Whiteness.

b) Develop a deep, strong, and unshakable belief in the Laws of Nature, which are always to be followed no matter what human public opinion says, or what laws humans may enact. Nature's Laws are a strong medicine against being brainwashed. It requires you to overcome the thought that humans can do whatever they want so long as they have “democratically” enacted laws or public opinion that say something profoundly sick or unnatural or genocidal against Whites is “okay.”

So, for example, if you wrongly believe that what is right and good is determined by public opinion or a simple majority vote, then you might say that same-sex “marriage” is good or that homosexuality is good or that transgenderism is good or that killing healthy pure White people is good, because you’d falsely believe that they must be good because a “democratically elected” ruler or a poll says so. But this is a wrong conclusion, because public opinion and a majority vote do not and should not determine what is right and good.

In contrast, if you truly and deeply believe in the Laws of Nature as written by Ben Klassen in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, for example, say marriage is only between a man and a woman, or that homosexuality is wrong, or that ”transgenderism” is wrong, or that the killing of pure White's is wrong, and that these things are evil and are forbidden by Nature, then one is able to resist the brainwashing.

c) Surround yourself, physically and online, with Whites who think as you do and avoid those who don’t think as you do.

d) Study biology, genetics, and race on your own so you have a strong intellectual foundation about these subjects as they truly are and not as claimed by anti-White professors or other “experts” who are often afraid of losing their jobs or prestige if they question the falsehoods about race and Whiteness that are now being taught.

e) Ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

F) Read the writings of Ben Klassen and convert to the White Race's TRUE FAITH, CREATIVITY!!

You have a right to exist, and you have a right to want your people to exist. In fact, you need your people to exist if you are to continue to exist in the genes you pass on after your death by having had pure White children. You are an individual, but you are also part of other individuals much like yourself, who are your people — White people. What is good for White people is generally good for you as an individual White person. Know that you are a good person and your belief in Whiteness is good, not evil.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

German Police Arrest 96-Year-Old Nazi Suspect Who Tried to Skip Court.

 German Police Arrest 96-Year-Old Nazi Suspect Who Tried to Skip Court.

The ever fearful and oh-so-"poisecuted" sons and daughters of Judea can sleep a little easier tonight. Irmgard Furchner -- (age 96!) -- has been apprehended by German "authorities" who, ironically, have actually become the tyrannical monsters that their parents and grandparents have long been FALSELY portrayed as. Some blood-boiling excerpts, from the article written by Christopher F. Schuetze -- a dutiful self-flagellating German weasel based at the Slimes' Berlin bureau:

"The 96-year-old woman, a former secretary in a concentration camp, was supposed to appear in court to face charges of being an accessory in the deaths of more than 11,000 people....

But instead of taking a taxi from her assisted living home outside Hamburg to the nearby court, Irmgard Furchner, who was 18 when she started work in 1943 at the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland, headed instead for a nearby subway station...

It was not immediately clear where Ms. Furchner, who had previously told journalists and the judge she didn’t want to be part of the trial, was heading, but she was soon apprehended by the police after the court reported her missing.

Ms. Furchner was indicted in February after a five-year investigation into her work as a secretary to the commander of the Stutthof camp, located near Gdansk, then known as Danzig, between 1943 and 1945. The indictment was part of an effort by German prosecutors over the past decade to hold lower-ranking people to account for their actions during the Holocaust." (emphasis added)


You see, now that so many nonagenarian heroes of the Waffen SS have either died or already been rounded up, there's no one left for the vengeful holohoaxers to go after except for the teenage typists of the day! Imagine how terrorized this poor old woman must have felt for her to flee from her nursing home like she did. And then "the usual suspects" wonder why so many otherwise kind and gentle folks throughout the centuries -- nay, the millennia --  have started to "hate" (((them))). It's shit like this!

1. The 18 year-old villain  // 2. Once again, (((he))) gets his "pound of flesh."

"As an 18 and 19-year-old I did nothing that I should be held responsible for as a 96-year-old. I wish to spare myself these embarrassments and not to expose myself to the mockery of humanity. Due to my age and physical limitations, I will not attend the court dates and ask the defense counsel to represent me." -- From her letter to the judge

The "Nazi-hunting" American-born Israeli dual citizen Efraim Zuroff cheered the psychological torture of the 96 year old, writing on Twitter: “Healthy enough to flee, healthy enough to go to jail!!”

One would think that (((their))) insatiable lust for such misguided "revenge" upon the gentle Germans who had been so tolerant of and gracious towards (((them))) -- prior to the great betrayal of World War 1, that is -- would, at some point, snap today's Germans out of their hypnotic trance of artificially induced guilt and self-hatred. Yet there doesn't seem to be much of a true awakening in Germany. Heck, even the watered-down, female-led, pro-homosexual "far right" Afd Party had a hard time breaking out beyond single-digit support. Mein Gott! Has Demented Deutschland lost all sense of probity (a $10 word for the quality of having high moral principles, honesty and decency). In The Great One's day, a thousand Brownshirts would have stomped upon any thug who dared to lay a hand on such a helpless old soul. Today, there's not even a street protest in her defense.

In fairness, even if a small handful of righteous Germans were to turn out to support Frau Furchner, the deck would be so stacked against them that they themselves would soon be imprisoned. That's what happened to Alfred Schaefer, whose only "crime" was to plea for the release of his imprisoned sister -- the dangerous Canadian-German "holocaust denier" (and fan of Real History Chan!) Monika Schaefer (who is now free). Prior to the days of YouTube censorship, Frau Schaefer had published a powerfully sincere video in which she apologized to her deceased mother for having believed in the Holohoax lie and "having reproached" her. (still viewable at Bitchute) When she visited Germany, Mamma Merkel's "authorities" nabbed her.

1. Don't let the warm smile and lively violin music fool ya. Monika is a real menace to world peace.

2. Monika served her jail-time bravely -- but then (((they))) grabbed her brother, Alfred.

3. Under the 15-year dictatorship of The Frumpy Frau (above, touring Bullschwitz), the hunting down of 90-year olds and the imprisonment of younger "deniers" intensified.

By the way, the Stutthof internment camp where the fugitive Furchner worked for two years was perhaps best known as the main supplier of fatter Jewish corpses for the production of soap -- a dirty lie spun by British intelligence (which they had also accused the Germans of doing to the bodies of their own dead troops during World War 1). The "human soap" and "lamp shades from skin" fairy tales were even cited at the Nuremberg Show Trials, and later embedded within Fake History for about 50 years. But today, even the High Priests of Holohoaxianity  openly admit that soap & lamp shades were propaganda hoaxes. It was only due to the work of the brave early "revisionists" of the 1990s that the hoaxsters were forced to conduct the master liar's classic "limited hangout" trick and make this concession. Indeed, if you "read between the lines" they all but admit that the soap scam had to be scrapped in order to protect the bigger lie. Joachim Neander of the United States Holocaust Museum indirectly explains for the more astute among us why the soap lie was finally dropped like a hot potato:

"The time therefore has come to reduce the "Danzig Soap Case," inflated by postwar propaganda to a prime example of Nazi German crimes, to its real dimensions. "Revisionists" would lose one of their favorite "arguments" in their efforts to discredit serious Holocaust scholarship. The list of the Nazi crimes perpetrated in Poland and during the Holocaust is long enough. It will not become significantly shorter, if an alleged crime is deleted from it, but it will become more trustworthy." (emphasis added)

In other words: "This soap lie has become a real liability for us. Let's dump it now and focus on saving the gas chamber lie instead." (my words, not Neander's)

May we all live to see the day when the whole dirty, rotten, stinking slander against the German people is similarly abandoned.