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Klassen A Day: NER Book 2 chp 4: 16 Commandments Part 2

The Sixteen Commandments Defined

  1. Secure the Existence of Our Race.

There are some species flourishing on the face of our planet today that have been in existence for over 200 million years. The continued existence of the White Race at this time in its history, on the other hand, is extremely precarious. Unless we take measures drastically different from the criminally irresponsible program we have been pursuing in the past, it is extremely doubtful whether the White Race as such will survive for another two or three generations.

We have observed earlier that the natural enemies of the White Race are the colored races in general, and the most deadly of them all is the Jewish race, in particular. Our decline has not been due to the inferiority of our race in its ability to maintain itself. On the contrary, our superiority in an out and out contest for survival against the colored races is so obvious, that we have allowed this to be used against us, to our own detriment, and towards our own ultimate disaster. Our problem has not been lack of strength, or lack of ability, but the weakness of compassion, the stupidity of bending over backwards to be more than fair to the inferior, and in general, a muddle-headedness, if not criminal negligence, in guarding that which is most precious.

This again is completely contrary to the laws of Nature. Nowhere does Nature say to any fish, plant, bird or animal: in deference to the other weaker, less capable species, hold yourself back and give the inferior species a break; be fair to them; give them a better chance to multiply at your expense and let them crowd you from off the face of the earth.

But this is exactly what the White Race has been doing in its obsession to dispense “brotherly love” to the inferior scum of the world. Now that our backs are against the wall, we will be forced to throw overboard such suicidal thinking. This softheaded, mushy, Christian sentimentality must now be replaced by the eternal, iron fisted laws of Nature.

We must therefore re-orient our thinking completely in this respect. We must not only make sure that our survival on the face of this planet will not ever again be imperiled by our natural enemies, but make deadly certain that it cannot ever be imperiled again. This is the first and the highest law that Nature imposes upon us.

The means for accomplishing this are set forth in the remainder of the commandments.

  1. Populate the World.

Nature’s pattern for most living things can be briefly summarized as follows: birth, growth, reproduction and death. This is the pattern Nature has ordained for

Our lofty goal is to bring about a White World.


all its living creatures, whether it be the lowliest insect that lives but a day, or the highest order of man himself, who might live his span of three score and ten years. Nature has not meant for any individual of any species to live for long. No indeed, each individual merely plays its roll in being the present link in the long golden chain of its own species.   It is Nature’s intention that the species should live on and on.

However, the species itself, unless it is vigorous in its fight for survival, will eventually result in extinction. Some species that have adapted themselves well to their environment and in the fight for survival, have lasted for millions of years. In fact, the shark family has existed for at least two hundred million years without undergoing any great changes, a tribute to its marvelous ability to survive. Compare two hundred million years to the short interval that any particular individual of that species exists upon this planet.

It is also thus with the human race, and in particular with the White Race with which we are exclusively concerned. We should remind ourselves that this is Nature’s pattern, and remind ourselves of the purpose for which Nature has placed us on this earth. Nature tells us loud and clear that that purpose is to propagate our own kind and thereby perpetuate our species. In the process of the natural selection and survival of the fittest, it tells us to keep improving our species in an ever-upward climb. Nature has never ordained eternal life for any individual, or for any generation.

No, on the contrary, death is certain, but you perpetuate yourself in your children and in the generations that follow. This is the real immortality Nature has in store for you.

You become imbedded in the wonderful blood lines of your race, and as the patriarch or matriarch of your line, have a never-ending chain of descendants that go on, not only for centuries, but for thousands of years and millions of years. That is the possibility of eternal life that Nature has granted us. But only if we are fruitful and multiply, in other words, if we have offspring.

Whether you are a man or a woman, the most important action you will ever take is that of getting married and raising a family. Having children of your own is the most meaningful, the most satisfying, and the most rewarding accomplishment of your entire lifetime. It is the only really permanent and lasting thing that you will ever do. No matter how much money you make, or what fame you might aspire to, all will be erased and obliterated as time goes on. But the resultant consequences of the action you took of getting married and having offspring will go on from generation to generation. It will ring through the ages — not only through the centuries — but through the millenniums and through the millions of years.

Long after any other action that you might have ever taken will have been

Christianity was invented by the Jews as a tool with which to destroy the White Race.


completely erased from the face of this earth, your descendants will march onward through history. This is only true, of course, if the White Race survives. If it does not survive, not only will your descendants be wiped out with it, but all the struggles of those that have gone before you as well.

Only the present generation can do justice to the past generations and again bring about the future generations. You are the link between the White Race that has gone before you and the White Race that will come after you. If the present generation fails to fulfill its obligations, it will wipe out the hard-earned struggle that the thousands of generations achieved in bringing us to the high level that we have now reached; it will also fail to usher in the future generations that would be carrying that wonderful evolution to ever increasingly greater and higher levels.

The very struggle for existence for any species, and at this stage in history, particularly the White Race, depends on how prolific and how fruitful each and every one of us is in bringing in the next generation. Only by so fulfilling our Manifest Destiny do we achieve a full and rewarding life.

In leading the good life yourself, in meeting your obligations to the past generations that produced you and in fulfilling your obligations to the wonderful generations that will follow you, do your part and have as many children as you can. Remember it is the Manifest Destiny of the White Race to populate the world, or perish.

It is not only a race against time but it is also a race against numbers. If the direction that the world population trend is now taking is not reversed, we are going to be overwhelmed and crushed by the colored races through sheer weight of numbers alone.

It is our manifest duty to overcome this challenge, and to propel humanity to an ever-higher level of evolution. Only the White Race can do this.

Furthermore, it is the moral duty of those members of our race that are above the average in intelligence, ability and physical attractiveness, to make a special effort in having larger than average families. Once the White Race is in control of its own destiny, it will behoove our society to set up certain incentive programs to see to it that the finer specimens of our race are especially encouraged to increase and multiply and further bestow the benefits of their genetic endowment towards the good of the race.

3. Expand the White Race, Shrink Our Enemies.

Practically every species of Nature has their particular natural enemies and some of them have more than others. Whereas the coyote has few natural enemies outside of man himself, the rabbit has a whole flock of predators, pursuing him as fair game for their food and sustenance. Among these are hawks

Make at least one major lasting contribution to the White Race during your lifetime.


and eagles, coyotes and wolves, bobcats, lynxes and a host of others.

Man, too, has had his natural enemies throughout history, and throughout history each tribe’s most deadly enemy has usually been some other tribe of mankind itself. Even before the White Man ever arrived in America, the Indian tribes carried on constant warfare against each other, killing and scalping each other, and taking over the other tribe’s hunting grounds. Among the niggers of Africa, constant warfare has prevailed, one tribe killing another, with the victor often ending up eating the vanquished enemy. Evidently it is in the scheme of Nature’s natural development of a higher species to have superior races survive and the inferior vanquished and destroyed.

I didn’t invent this program. I am merely stating a fact of Nature that has existed from time immemorial. It has been going on constantly, not only in the struggle amongst the races, but also in the struggle for survival among the animal, bird, fish and other kingdoms.

This system evidently worked fairly well and mankind did keep evolving into higher and better types. In fact, by the advent of Christianity the White Man, as personified by the great Roman Empire, was completely supreme and dominant throughout the then known and worthwhile world. Not only that, but had the natural course of events continued, it would have undoubtedly conquered the rest of the world such as India, Africa, China and America, and the White Race would today be completely dominant and supreme throughout the entire world. No doubt it would probably have populated it completely by now. This would undoubtedly have happened, had the Romans at that time only been aware of their precious racial values and continued to keep their race pure.

Sad to say, this development did not continue along natural lines. The Romans, unfortunately, did not realize the value of their superlative race. The Romans, intelligent as they were, failed to recognize one of Nature’s most important laws — that of keeping the species pure. They paid most dearly for their transgressions against this deadly sin.

Working amongst them was their most deadly natural enemy, spread like a virus throughout their empire, ready to disintegrate and dismantle the great Roman Empire and the White Race itself. This deadly virus amongst them was the Jewish population. We have already reviewed elsewhere the havoc the Jewish network wrought amongst the Roman population by introducing and propagating the deadly poison of the “new” Christian teaching that unhinged and demented the Roman mind. Over a few centuries, it induced them to commit suicide, to promote the destruction of their own empire, their own laws, their own religion, and finally, their own race.

Even during Roman times, the Jew, as always, was the first and foremost in the traffic of human slaves. It was the Jewish slave trader, more than anyone, that

Christianity is a treacherous mental snare.


dragged the slaves from other parts of the world into the Roman Empire. Even in those times the Jew promoted race mixing and mongrelization, which along with Christianity, destroyed the Roman Empire. Tragically, it was never to rise again.

The Jew has long been aware of his capabilities as a parasite to hamper and impair the White Man’s mind, and he is ferociously pursuing this course today, as he has over the thousands of years. The Jew, having made huge fortunes over the centuries dragging the black niggers from Africa into America, is now pushing with unparalleled fury the program of race-mixing and mongrelization here on the North American continent. The niggers, with the help of the Jew, are most surely going to destroy the White Race, are going to destroy our civilization, and drag the world down into a mongrelized hell, not unlike that which anybody can go and see for himself in the sub-continent of mongrelized India. Even closer to home we can go to Haiti in a few hours flying time and see before our own eyes what happens to a beautiful countryside when a mongrelized, half-savage mass of scum take over a once beautiful landscape.

We must therefore always keep in mind that: (a) the Jews are our most dangerous natural enemy; (b) the niggers are, next to the Jews, our most deadly menace, one with which we cannot co-exist in the same country, or even on the same continent; (c) all colored races are hostile to the White Race and its natural enemy.

Throughout Nature the laws are quite clear: in order to survive when a menace or danger threatens, that menace is attacked and destroyed. We must therefore make it our prime goal to expunge the Jews and the niggers from America, in fact from all other White areas.

We must also realize that all the colored races are our natural enemies, that as soon as they are ever capable of over-running us and destroying us, they will most certainly do so. Whether we like it or not, we are forced to take the position that the White Race, like the Romans, must populate the world — or be destroyed. Again, I didn’t invent this situation, nor did I create it. I am merely stating an historical fact and pointing to the inexorable and unbending laws of Nature.

Despite the fact that all the idiotic, whining, bleeding hearts will cry to the contrary, and try to deny this: despite their blabbering about humanitarianism, compassion and brotherly love, what I have stated are the hard cold facts of life and nothing in the world will alter them. It will either be the White Race or the inferior scum of the colored races that will inherit the earth.

As members of the White Race, it is our manifest destiny and our moral duty to make sure that we survive and that the White Race does not perish. At this point in history, the Jews and the colored races are winning victory after victory, and the White Man has been retreating, giving ground, running before an

The Apostles were all Jews.


inferior species. It is a case of the stronger fleeing before the weaker, a phenomena witnessed nowhere else in Nature. Whereas in 1920 the White Race was outnumbered by the colored races in a ratio of only two to one, it is now outnumbered by the colored races in a proportion of seven to one, and a gleeful (Jewish) United Nations predicts that in another twenty years the White Race will be shrunk to the point where they will be outnumbered by the colored races at a ratio of forty-nine to one.

Our unalterable program for the future must be: expand the White Race, shrink the colored races, until the White Race is the supreme inhabitant of the earth.

  1. All Benefit to the White Race: The Golden Rule.

This is the foundation of our whole religion: what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. This is clear and simple. From this solid foundation we can expand and define endlessly as to what is good and what is bad, and this we have done throughout this book. However, if each member of the White Race keeps this clear and simple creed in mind, and uses it as a yardstick in all its action, it will be relatively easy to decide as to what to do in the different situations of life.

Our Golden Rule is: do that which is best for the White Race. Hold fast to this great principle as you journey through life, and it will sustain you to the end of your days.

  1. Racial Purity.

Nature herself, in her eternal wisdom, has decreed that each species keep its line pure and uncontaminated from that of any other near like species. Nature has clearly ordained the inner segregation of each species. There are, for instance, 175 species of woodpeckers, 265 species of flycatchers, and 75 species of larks. There are 258 species of sharks in the ocean. No matter where we look the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that Nature in her infinite wisdom has promulgated this as one of its great natural laws. To violate such a clear and basic law is an outright abomination against Nature. Furthermore, each species, including the human race, has an inborn and an instinctive love of mating with, associating with, and living within the group, of its own kind. Nature has further given each species, and especially the human race, an instinctive revulsion against interbreeding and intermingling with a foreign species, or in the case of the human race, with any alien race.

When the superlative White Race has the great good fortune to be the crowning glory of Nature’s own creation, its finest handiwork, we of the Church of the Creator regard it as the most abominable crime to pollute Nature’s finest

A White world will be a world of peace, prosperity, progress and creativity.


accomplishment with any of the lower species. It is a major travesty against Nature herself to see the pollution of the White Race taking place throughout the world today. Not only is this crime being perpetrated before our eyes on a wholesale scale, but the White Race is not lifting a finger to prevent its happening. The Jew on the other hand is pouring fuel upon the fire to promote its acceleration.

The White Race must rapidly come to its senses and know these natural truths that even the birds, the Fishes, and every other creature of Nature has known instinctively throughout all the millenniums of their existence.

Racial loyalty is the key to this dilemma. Racial loyalty is racial survival.

Mongrelization is racial suicide.

Civilization is a property of the White Race and its most significant characteristic. It is furthermore a living contract ingrained in our race between our yet unborn, our Living, and our Great Forefathers, those who carried the torch and led the way before us.

In our living hands now lies the responsibility of carrying on the noble heritage that is our legacy. We have a contract to bequeath it to our progeny — the White Race that is yet unborn. Not only do we owe the coming White generations the obligation to pass on all the good of the past, but we must strive to contribute further to it during our own time. Above all, it is our holy duty to keep our bloodlines clean and continue to upgrade genetically, so that the next generations will be finer, stronger, more intelligent and more beautiful than any in the past.

Let therefore the White Race rise to a man, close ranks and drive the niggers, the mulattos and the Jews from within our midst. Let us make it overwhelmingly clear that we will no longer, now or ever in the future, ever again tolerate the pollution of this great gift from Nature, the crowning pinnacle of her creation.

  1. Racial Loyalty.

We have already discussed in the previous chapters, that contrary to what we have been taught by the conservatives and liberals alike, your First loyalty does not belong to your flag, your country, nor the constitution. Your loyalty, first, last, and always, belongs to your own race, your own kind. Nature tells you this very plainly in her every act as we look around us — your first duty lies in the perpetuation of your own race and your own species. It is a tragic fact of world history that the White Race has been so befuddled and so confused by the Jewish-Christian teaching that they have lost sight of this eternal truth.

It is the unending task of this our religion. Creativity, to impregnate the minds and the souls of the White Race with this great overwhelming fact, to burn

it forever into their consciousness, that this great reality is basic to our survival.

Racial loyalty means racial survival.

Nature has endowed us instinctively with this important characteristic for our own protection. She has endowed us with a natural dislike for all other races and a repulsion to keep us from interbreeding with, or intermingling with, or promoting, races other than our own. We clearly see this strong loyalty amongst even the colored and the inferior races. The nigger has racial loyalty for his own kind, the Indians have racial loyalty for themselves, the Chinese have it, and the Hottentots have it. Racial loyalty and racial solidarity is strongest of all in the Jewish race. In no other race is this attribute more abundantly clear than in this parasitic race, and no other attribute than Jewish solidarity has contributed so much to the predominance of the Jew in gaining domination over the White Race and the world as a whole. The Jew may also excel in cunning, in treachery, and in many other base traits, but it is his unflagging racial solidarity that has been instrumental in the enslavement of the rest of the human race. Racial loyalty for the White Man can and will become his most powerful tool in winning his own freedom and his own salvation.

In the future struggle in regaining control of our own destiny, we must make Racial Loyalty a cardinal issue. We must draw a sharp and distinct line between those who are loyal to the White Race and those who are betraying us. We must force every White Man to stand up and be counted — he is either for us, or he is against us. He will either declare his loyalty to the White Race by deed and word, or he will be branded as a traitor to his race.

Treason to the White Race will be regarded by us as the most sinister crime any person can possibly commit, even more heinous and despicable than treason to the country. We will make the term “race traitor” the most foul and vicious epithet in our vocabulary.

The day will come when the traitors who today are betraying the White Race with impunity will be brought to justice. That justice will be summary and it will be final. Woe unto the traitors to our Race!

  1. Preferential Dealings.

Today the Jew has an overwhelming monopoly in business and trade, not only in America, but throughout the world. It is therefore almost impossible to as much as turn around but what you are doing business with some Jewish chain store or some other Jewish outfit, regardless of whether you are buying clothes, or a car, or groceries. It is therefore difficult, if not almost impossible, at this juncture not to do business with the Jews, either unintentionally or otherwise. However, there are any number of transactions in which we do have a choice.

In the professions, for instance, when choosing a lawyer, an accountant, a dentist, a doctor, we certainly can and must avoid having any dealings whatsoever with Jews. Exercise racial loyalty. In selecting a real estate agent, or a contractor to build a house, we certainly can and must give our business to members of our own race and avoid the Jew like the plague. In going to a hardware store or other retail stores that are not part of chain stores, we can certainly select those that are not owned by Jews. We can pretty well take for granted that most chain stores are owned by Jews, or under the control of Jews. In any case, if all White people were indoctrinated with the idea of avoiding business with the Jews, in fact, boycotted them, it would not be long before the White businesses would be supreme. Even the chain stores would be reduced in importance and the Jews driven to the wall.

Whereas this is not the main means of driving the Jew from power and influence, it is nevertheless an important adjunct of our total program of cutting down the Jew and creating racial loyalty amongst the White people. We will thereby further be forging a political and religious force that will drive the Jew from power and drive him from our shores. A part of this program should also be the refusal of the White Man to ever work for a Jew, or a Jewish outfit.

In regards to the nigger, while we are in the transition period where we are not yet united enough to ship the nigger back to Africa, we should immediately institute the policy of increasingly refusing to give any jobs whatsoever to the niggers. We should not employ them as lawn maintenance men, or as maids, or as waiters in restaurants, not even as dishwashers. We should refuse them jobs as cab drivers, ditch diggers, manual laborers, as carpenter’s helpers, or any other job.

Some people will argue that they would then automatically go on welfare and further aggravate the load upon the White taxpayer. Unfortunately, this is true, but it is better from our point of view to relegate the nigger to the position of being a completely useless parasite in our society. It is better to have him destroy himself with dope, drink and shiftlessness. It will soon become overwhelmingly clear to the average White person that the nigger is a useless parasite in our society and must be removed. It will then become obvious to the most idiotic bleeding heart that the only thing we can do with the nigger is ship him back to Africa.

A similar policy further should be extended in the purchase of goods manufactured by the colored races. Our country at present is flooded with products made in Japan, or from Hong Kong, or in Taiwan, or even in Israel, in factories built with American money. It is much better to buy American made goods in the first place, or preference must be given to those made in say England, Sweden, Germany, Austria, or other White countries.

These are guidelines for the transition period only. Once we are completely in charge of our own destiny, none of these factors will any longer be a problem.

The worst mistake we can make in our thinking is that we can use the nigger as cheap labor. This is the fatal mistake that the White Man has made throughout his history. He has allowed the Jew to drag the nigger into our midst to do the hard manual labor, believing that this was necessary and was cheaper than employing White labor. This was the fatal mistake that the White Man made in India some four thousand years ago. It was the mistake that the Southern plantation owners made in America over two hundred years ago, much to our regret. It is a mistake that the White businessmen and employers are making in South Africa and Rhodesia [Note: Former Zimbabwe] today.

The fact is, we do not need the nigger. In an age of modern technology, the nigger is completely obsolete. He is even more obsolete today than is the horse and buggy. With the advent of the internal combustion engine for power and the more recent event of electrical power, the last thing in the world the White Man needs is the nigger for cheap labor. The fact is the White Man never did need the nigger for any kind of labor. History clearly demonstrates that whereas the South did employ the nigger as a means of cheap labor, the West was won and developed and built completely without any help from the nigger whatsoever. Even in the northeastern United States, including the New England states, progress and prosperity was certainly not impeded by the absence of niggers.

Today, more than ever, what with the internal combustion engine to provide motor power, with hydro-electric power, with huge steam-electric plants, and with the more recent advent of nuclear power, the nigger is about the most useless, obsolete component in the modern White Man’s world we could possibly think of. He is however, a very dangerous, festering, and rapidly spreading cancer in our racial body. A very urgent and drastic operation must be performed and it must be performed soon.

  1. Destroy Jewish Influence.

This again is a program to pursue during the transition period while we still have the Jews on our backs. There are many things we can do to help destroy and obstruct Jewish influence, and one of the most effective is to point at and broadcast those things that are Jewish and urge other White people to boycott them. This would include a campaign against the Jewish actors, Jewish books, Jewish politicians, and Jewish public officials. Be active in ferreting out behind the scene Jewish manipulators.   Having discovered them, then aggressively spread the word. Arouse the White people. Get them organized in opposing any Jewish activity that rears its ugly head.

People are more effectively influenced by word of mouth and by speech

than any other means. It is therefore particularly effective to constantly and continuously expose the Jew, argue about the conspiracy, harangue about his perfidy, and continuously make him the point of contention.

Organize against the Jews, boycott them, expose them. Fight them every inch of the way until we have driven every last vestige of Jewish influence from our land and the parasites themselves from our shores. We will and must expunge the Jews from our midst and cleanse our society from every last trace of the foul Jewish influence that has plagued us for too long.

Victory will be ours. It is inevitable.

  1. Work a Blessing.

According to the Jewish Bible, when the Lord drove Adam and Eve from out of the Garden of Eden, he cursed them and said among other things “In the sweat of thy face thou shalt eat bread.” The implication here is that man was cursed with work.

This is a Jewish idea. We, of the Church of the Creator, reject this Jewish idea in its totality.

We believe that work is a blessing. We believe that Nature especially endowed the White Race with certain inherent qualities above and beyond that of every other creature. These were in its ability to work, to create, and to produce. This is the most outstanding characteristic of the White Race. It is an endowment that we are particularly proud of and a pursuit that we, of the Church of the Creator, enthusiastically foster and encourage.

  1. Lasting Contribution to the White Race.

Taking a lesson from the pages of Jewish history over the past many thousands of years, we find that the main reason for the success of the Jew in his goal towards becoming master of the world has been his constant preoccupation with the welfare of his race and his unstinted dedication to this cause. It has paid him well personally, and the race as a whole has benefited handsomely.

Jewish success can be attributed mainly to three major reasons.

  1. They stick together.

  2. They are unanimously dedicated to their race above everything else.

  3. They have a far-reaching plan, as they say, “A people without vision perishes.”

The Jews are a state within a state. Most of the Jewish wealth generally is poured back into the cause of the Jewish race. The Jews have set up hundreds of foundations to siphon off their enormous fortunes into Jewish-Communist goals. Tremendous sums are sent to Israel, and all of them tax-free. Not only do the

Jews themselves send their own money to Israel, but they have set up various power plays whereby they extort huge sums of money from the Gentile nations to send to Israel. To date, more than a billion dollars has been extracted, for instance, from post-war Germany, and sent to Israel as “reparations,” but in simple essence it is out and out thievery and blackmail. Imagine, forcing the White German people to pay a billion dollars to a state that never even existed when the alleged “crimes” were supposed to have been committed against the Jews, as restitution for actions that were never committed, from millions of Germans that weren’t even born at the time of the alleged “crimes.” The American White people, on the other hand, are continually sending aid to Israel, in the form of Falcon Jet fighters, in the form of outright “foreign aid” running to the tune of hundreds of millions a year [Note: As of 2015, the US provides Israel

$8.5 million in military aid each day, with a total Foreign Aid budget of over $3 billion per annum]. However, we should not let this obscure the fact that the Jews themselves give, and give generously, to the state of Israel and to their hundreds and thousands of Jewish organizations in this country. Usually when a Jew dies, he leaves the mass of his vast fortune to the Jewish cause, in one way or another.

According to the Jewish Independent, an economist’s newsletter, the average American Jew leaves an estate of $126,000. This is, of course, their reported wealth. The actual Figure is probably a lot closer to half a million dollars. In contrast, the average White Man, when he dies, leaves only a meager estate of something like $2,500.00, hardly enough to bury him. But then we do have a large number of White businessmen who have accumulated a considerable fortune during then-lifetime — fortunes that run into many millions of dollars. And where does their money go when they die? Well, since they haven’t particularly planned too well ahead, and haven’t really looked for a good cause to leave it to, and even if they had, they would be hard put to find one, usually their wealth, too, ends up in the hands of the Jews. How tragic it is that a man like Henry Ford, who fought the Jews most of his business life, was to create a huge multi-billion dollar fortune, only to have this money fall into the hands of his enemies after his own death, only to be used in perpetuity to promote the Jewish-Communist cause.

Had he personally set up a foundation to further the cause of the White Man in one way or another, put dedicated men in charge of that foundation and transferred a huge part of his estate even before he died, this would not have happened. Furthermore, had there then been a dynamic new religious movement, such as the Church of the Creator, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the White Race, this great White American undoubtedly would have left the bulk of his fortune to such a cause.

There now is, and will be forever more, the Church of the Creator to Fight for, and promote the cause of the White Race. We appeal to all loyal White

people who are concerned with the survival of their own kind to make a will and to leave their wealth to our own religion — their own religion, and not let it fall into the hands of the Jews for the promotion of the Jewish cause, the most deadly poison to the White Race there is.

I also suggest that many other foundations could be set up that could be dedicated to the promotion of the White Race. In any case, such foundations or organizations should be well planned and well thought out in advance. Definite action must be taken to insure the estate will go where intended when the time comes. In all further events, I suggest that a man endowed with a considerable amount of wealth should not wait until he dies before he transfers a large portion of his estate to the cause of the White Man. Again, taking a lesson from the Jews, they give and give generously in every fund raising campaign that they undertake in dedication to the Jewish cause. It is not at all unusual for the Jews to have a “Bonds for Israel” drive in Miami Beach, for instance, and in a few days raise $200,000,000.00. In contrast to this, witness the meager response in a fund raising campaign by some Right Wing party to further their cause. Perhaps, of course, this might be due to the fact that the White Man really hasn’t been given a worthwhile program, nor a very worthy cause, in the past to which he could really dedicate himself and contribute his hard-earned wealth.

However the time has come and the cause is now here.

There are many other ways that a staunch and loyal member of the White Race can contribute to his own kind, to the White Race, other than financially. He can, for instance, found a new worthwhile organization dedicated to the cause of his race. He can enter politics and fight for the cause in the political arena. He can write a book that would be of lasting value to his race. There is, for instance, a tremendous need to re-write the history of the human race, placing in true prospective the nefarious influence of the perfidious Jew in the manipulation of the peoples of the world. The Jew has been overwhelmingly influential in manipulating wars and the destruction of nations over the last several thousand years. He has also written the history books of the world. Since his influence has been cleverly deleted from the history books, this major project of re-writing history will take a tremendous amount of research and compilation in order to do it justice.

Another lasting and major project that could be undertaken would be to found an institution for the research and study of White history. Another research institute that would be of tremendous value to the future of the White Race would be to study ways and means of encouraging the increase of the finer specimens of our race and discourage the multiplication of the lower spectrum of our race.

The list of contributions that could be made to our people is almost endless

An all-White world will be a marvel to behold.


and is only limited by the fertility of our imaginations.

  1. Racial Honor.

History has shown that any race, or any nation, that would compromise its honor, soon lost its integrity, and also its freedom. The White Race has always inherently been a proud and honorable race. Pride, self-respect, heroism, have always been the outstanding characteristics of the White Race. It was these attributes that made the White Race the dominant ruler of the world during the period of the Roman Empire. It was when the insidious Jewish-Christian teachings of humbleness and humility; the idea that we were unworthy; that we should turn the other cheek; it was this kind of perverted thinking that brought about the downfall of the Roman Empire and the White Race. We must abolish this nefarious and suicidal thinking from our philosophy and outlook, and once again reestablish those characteristics that are basic to our natural instinct.

We must again cherish and honor such basic virtues as are inherent in the White Race. These virtues are bravery, the willingness to sacrifice one’s life for his family, and for his race. These are the highest attributes of a proud and worthy race.

When a man begins to value his life more than the fundamental values of honor and race, then he has taken an overt step towards allowing himself to be enslaved.

Any people or any race which has sunk so low as to throw these cardinal virtues aside for temporary advantages, will usually find that they will usually not only lose their honor, but in the process will also lose their freedom, and often their life.

We must remember that for the White Man the most horrible and the most ugly situation is not the matter of facing death, but being in bondage, being a slave. For the proud White Race this is a catastrophe much worse than death.

  1. Up-Breeding.

Nature in her infinite wisdom strives to up-breed and improve the species. This is a never-ending process. It is a natural process that Nature continually strives to further without end. During the last 2000 years this natural process has not only been arrested, but due to the parasitic Jewish manipulation of the White Race, this process has been reversed. Genetically, the White Race has made little, if any, progress from the time of the Romans and the Greeks of classic history.

Now that we have a religion that is of the White Race, for the White Race, and conscious of its value and its destiny, we must take an active hand in its up-

To succumb to Christianity is to indulge in a cowardly flight from reality.


breeding. We must work with the laws of Nature. We must help promote the better elements in our race to multiply more abundantly, and discourage the poorer elements in their proliferation. Furthermore, we must see to it that the misfits, the idiots, and the mentally defective are not reproduced at all to proliferate their misery on the newborn generations.

I am well aware that the White Race has been divided and subdivided into different groups. I am well aware that it has been designated into three classifications, such as the Aryan or Nordic, the Mediterranean, and the Alpine. There are many other classifications and branches of the White Race that anthropologists have used. I have studiously avoided using these terms throughout the book, because at this state of our struggle they are preponderantly divisive, rather than constructive. Our main struggle is to unite the White Race, to give it a sense of solidarity, and a common purpose. That common purpose is to free ourselves from Jewish domination, regain control of our own destiny, and populate the world.

Even before we achieve that goal, however, we should be thinking about, and planning for, the up breeding and up grading of our own race.

This does not at all mean that we have to use coercion or regimentation in family planning. Not at all. Without the destructive interference of the Jew, this up breeding would develop within the White Race by natural means, in any case. However, there is much that we can do to help promote such encouragement of selective breeding.

We can do this by the very attitude we inculcate in our religion. If we are overwhelmingly devoted to the survival of the lowest elements of our race, we will encourage down breeding. If our whole philosophy is geared to the up lifting and advancement of our race, we will automatically encourage up breeding. This program can be further encouraged by educational support, cultural support, and even government support. Under the Jewish democracy that we are now living, certainly we can see that the government through a multitude of welfare programs, through the promotion of race-mixing propaganda, the various other nefarious programs, is covertly encouraging the mongrelization and the down breeding of the White Race. It is therefore not hard to see that the very opposite, namely the encouragement of improving, of advancing, and of up- breeding our race can be accomplished just as easily on the positive side. We definitely believe in eugenics and racial health.

This is an important part of the program of the Church of the Creator. Within a few generations after we have reclaimed control of our own destiny and are well on our way on the program of upgrading, advancing and up breeding our race, the results will be utterly staggering to the imagination. Whereas the White Race has been so superior to any other species on the face

Luke 11, v.21 says Christ was a circumcised Jew.


of the planet up to this time, with this program inherent in our religion, the future development of the White Race will be a marvel to behold.

  1. Sanctity of Family.

In reaping the experience of the lessons of history, we Find that only those races survived that upheld and honored the family. This is so basic that it is almost self-evident, yet in today’s rapidly degenerating climate, this basic truth has been almost buried and forgotten. History has shown that when family ties weaken and the family as a unit degenerates on a national scale, then that nation also degenerates and disintegrates.

We Creators believe strongly in family life and the sanctity of the family unit. We believe that it is the basic building block of a nation and of a race. We are proud of the responsibility that the head of the family takes upon himself in caring for his own. This is one of the outstanding virtues of the White Race, in contrast to the nigger, who breeds indiscriminately outside the sanctity of the family unit and with complete irresponsibility.

We therefore regard it as every White person’s responsibility to help uphold, protect and promote the sanctity of the White family. But we assume no such responsibility whatsoever for the families of the colored races.

It is in our interest and it is our duty as a race to encourage those conditions economically, socially and spiritually that will aid family building. Our race is only as healthy as are our families, and we hold these two concepts, race and family, as sacred and interchangeable.

  1. Blood, Soil and Honor.

  1. Blood means the advancement of our race, the White Race, and keeping it pure. It is our race that has built all civilizations on the face of the earth, that has created culture, progress, civilization and technology. It has conquered all lands and given law and order and government to all peoples. It is the highest virtue of our religion to promote, advance, and expand the White Race. We are strongly committed to the idea of eugenics.

  2. Soil means land. In order for a race to expand it must have room and fertile land. History shows that under cramped conditions the growth of a people stagnated. As an example, the Irish, for the last 1,000 years have never increased beyond 3,500,000 in their homeland. But given more room — more land in America — in which to expand, there are over 20,000,000 Americans of Irish decent in the New World. This is almost six times as many as the population in the land of their origin. This despite the fact that they have been here only a few hundred years.

If the White Race is to survive — and it must survive — then it must grow.

Nature tells you to destroy that which threatens your existence.


To live is to grow. To stagnate is to die, to be overwhelmed by the colored races, our deadliest natural enemies.

In order to fulfill the natural mission Nature has set for us — to grow and to multiply — we must have more and more land for the White Race until the White Race inhabits the world.

We do not want to just control the world — a mistake made by such previous White civilizations as the Romans. No, this would lead to the same disaster as the White Race experienced in Egypt, in China, India, and elsewhere. No, nor do we want to enslave anybody or rule over other inferior races. We do not want any slaves. This would again lead to our mongrelization. We want to follow the same policy as our early American ancestors pursued — we want to populate the land — we want the White Race to exclusively populate the world.

We will either increase, multiply and populate the earth, or we will be pushed off the face of the earth by the flood of the colored races. We much prefer the former, and intend to pursue this policy to its glorious fulfillment.

3. Now we come to that most essential ingredient, honor. No race can remain free if it compromises its honor — pride of race and honor go together. It is extremely essential that we instill in our people the idea of pride of race, that honor is preferable to life itself, and that only a people who jealously guards its honor can be free. Further we must realize that in the intense struggle we are now involved, only the proud and the free can survive.

15. Pride and Confidence.

Having selected the White Race as the crowning pinnacle of all her creations. Nature has endowed it with certain unique characteristics that in combination are the distinctive attributes of the White Race alone. They distinguish the White Man from any other creature.

Some of these characteristics are: his superior intellect; his tremendous creativity and productivity; his restless spirit of adventure and his endless quest for new horizons, be it in the field of geographic discoveries or in the search for knowledge, or in the pursuit of new inventions. The White Man is endowed with outstanding powers of creativity which are manifested in the field of art, sculpture, music, literature, architecture, science, mathematics, technology and in invention. In fact, the field is endless in listing all those activities in which the creativity of the White Man excels.

The White Man in his natural element is the world’s greatest Fighter. He is aggressive, he is brave and heroic. Two thousand years ago the White Race, as exemplified by the Romans, conquered the rest of the world in a few centuries. The White Man finds himself in the miserable plight he is in today because he has not followed his natural instincts. He has allowed them to be subdued and

The White Race will either overcome the Jew or cease to exist.


subverted by the Jewish-Christian hoax that has blunted, thwarted and deadened those wonderful instinctive attributes with which Nature endowed him so generously in the first place. We, of the Church of the Creator, therefore implore and command the White Man to again revert back to those wonderful instincts with which Nature endowed him and which made him great in his unequalled past It is characteristic of the White Man to always hope for the better and to look forward to an improved situation in his own circumstances, an improvement in the fortunes of the White Race, and an improvement of the world picture in general. It is characteristic of the White Man to be positive in his thinking, in his actions, in his planning, and in his world outlook.

Unlike Christianity, we do not want to present a hypocritical posture of a pious, cringing humanitarian philosophy. We must be honest to our inner-most self just as Nature designed us — tough, aggressive, proud, energetic, creative, productive, and above all, proud and jealous of our ability and of our lofty place in Nature’s scheme of the universe. We want to be neither humble nor meek. We mean to be what Nature created us to be — masters of this planet.

Being endowed with these wonderful qualities, it is the duty of the White Man to utilize them to the fullest for the benefit of himself, and his race as a whole. Remember, Nature has selected you as its greatest creation. It has endowed you with all of these wonderful qualities. Utilize them to the fullest. You can and must do no less.

16. Control of our Destiny.

To drive the Jew from power and to expel the Jews and niggers from our midst is our foremost immediate objective. Until we have done this, we will not be able to gain control of our own government, of our own affairs, nor of our own destiny. Until we have accomplished this, nothing else really matters, because nothing else will be solved until such time as the White Race reclaims control of its own destiny. We must therefore work relentlessly towards this end.

To achieve this overwhelming goal we must inculcate racial loyalty, we must have a creed of solidarity for the White Race, and we must have a dynamic program embodied in our very religion. This program, this creed, this religion we now have in the Church of the Creator. The very essence of this program is embodied in the sixteen commandments herewith set forth.

Once we have regained unconditional control of our own destiny, the destiny of the White Race, the solution of all other problems, such as economics, roads, housing, pollution, food supply, education, and a multitude of others, will seem like child’s play. Once we regain absolute control of our own destiny, we will already have all those other problems as good as solved. If we don’t regain

control of our destiny, we will never solve any of our problems, and it will really not make much difference, since we would be on our way to extinction in any case.

We must and we will regain control of our own destiny. We will and we must drive the Jew from power. Victory for the While Race is absolutely certain. The time is ripe now, as the White Race is beginning to realize its creative genius and its awesome power, slowly but surely, with ever increasing awareness. The way to harness that tremendous power for the benefit of the White Race is build the Church of the Creator on a worldwide basis.

Therefore, be of good cheer! Victory for the White Race is inevitable. Dedicate yourself here and now to join the battle for the survival of the White Race. We will win and we will triumph. The wealth and the beauty of the world will soon be ours, and it will be a magnificent world, a White world.

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